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Braun Series 9 9050cc Electric Shaver Review

Updated on August 15, 2015
Braun Series 9 9050cc Shaver
Braun Series 9 9050cc Shaver | Source

It is third in the Series 9 line and comes with a revamped Cleaning & Charging station among other technological advancements.

Braun shavers have been known to last for a long time given their high quality and extremely durable build. Given it longevity, there is really little reason for replacing it.

The new Braun Series 9 shavers have bigger shaving heads and are heavier as well but they feel comfortable in the hand.

Your first shave with the Braun Series 9050cc will be a real eye-opener because it takes about half the time using this shaver than with other shavers, there is no skin irritation and is much quieter than other devices.

Braun Series 9 9050cc Features & Specifications

Off the box, the Braun 9050cc comes with the following features as standard:

  • Synchrosonic technology for maximum capture of hairs no matter how stubborn they are
  • Pivoting cutting head and flexible cutting elements for a perfect skin adaptability and contour matching
  • HyperLift&Cut technology that exposes difficult to reach hairs by lifting them thereby enabling effective cutting
  • Clean and Charge station that leaves the shaver hygienically clean, smelling fresh and fully charged within an unprecedented short time. Includes a drying stage that ensures the shaver can be used immediately
  • Premium leather pouch that protects the device when not in use
  • Battery status indicator with numerical display, hygiene status and a convenient travel lock mechanism
  • Optifoil gives a gentle shave without exposing the skin the skin to the mechanical actions of the shaving elements.

The Braun Series 9 9050cc looks great and compliments any bathroom because of its functional design that enhances aesthetics. It is definitely an improvement on the previous models like the Braun Series 7- which is still a very powerful and well-built product in its own right.

One aspect that has significantly improved in the Braun Series 9 9050cc as compared to the Series 7 is regarding the sound made while shaving and cleaning. You will straight away notice that the 9095cc emits a more bearable humming sound as compared to the grinding noises of the other devices.

As regards the cleaning station, the 9095cc’s station can only accept a specific size of cleaning cartridge. This is in stark contrast to the other Braun models in which the cleaning cartridges are interchangeable.

Visually, the Braun 9095cc looks better than all the other models with stylish corners and a robust appearance.

Another distinct difference with other shavers is the fact that the Cleaning & Charge station has a fan for drying the shaver after cleaning. This ensures that the shaver is ready for use in the quickest time possible and also prevents the multiplication of germs and bacteria on the device.

The shaving head of the 9 series does not vibrate as much as the other models and is much gentler to the skin. However, it is much larger and flatter than that of the Braun Series 7 which means that you will need a brush to remove the lose hair debris before putting it in the cleaning station.

When it comes to the carry case – a very important accessory especially for people who travel a lot – the Series 9095cc has the better looking of all the Braun shaver models. Despite the fact that the carrying case is made from fabric, it still gives the impression of a premium accessory.

The charging cable for the Series 9 and Series 7 are identical and can be used interchangeably – a rare case of cross-model compatibility between the two series.

A major issue in the previous models was how the trimmer was located on the shaver. With the 9095cc, the trimmer was located at the back which makes for convenient trimming especially the sideburns. However, the large shaving head does sometimes seem to get in the way especially in the really tricky areas that require a little more movement space.


Overall, this is a highly recommended product for those who do not mind the high price. The shaving experience is pleasant on the skin and the shaver gives very good results. You will also be truly impressed by the speed and effectiveness of the charger.

The charger feels a bit clunky but fortunately it is extremely light and ergonomically fits well in the hand. It is hard to believe that the casing is made from plastic due to its extremely well done finishing. The resultant look is one of a sturdy product that works well and is long lasting.


  • Battery last for 7 days even with daily shaving of about 15 minutes
  • Quick charge in just one hour
  • No razor burn
  • Perfect shave even with difficult beards
  • Cleaning is easy either through the Cleaning Station or under running water
  • More silent than previous models
  • Swivel head and functioning lock


  • Shave result is good but not perfect. With daily shaving the shaver does not exhibit any markedly different result
  • The trimmer is not the best for sideburns as the large shaving head is somewhat obstructive especially near the ear
  • Expensive to buy as well as maintain

It being a premium product, one would expect that some of the cost issues might not be a problem for someone who can afford to buy the device. But given the reported life span of devices from Braun (over ten years) the current price of around $310 may seem justified in the long run.

At the end of it all, the reasons for making the switch to the Series 9 shavers are not as compelling as it may at first appear. This is because there are still some very good quality Braun shavers such as the Series 7 799cc-7 which is a superior device that matches and even surpasses the Series 9 in some aspects.


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