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Braun Silk Epil LS 5560 LadyShaver Test Review

Updated on November 30, 2014
Braun Silk & Soft Epil LS 5560 LadyShaver
Braun Silk & Soft Epil LS 5560 LadyShaver | Source

The Braun Silk Epil LS 5560 LadyShaver is basically not different in its operating principle from other similar shavers. However, the Braun LS 5560 has distinct advantages over the other cheaper alternatives.

  • The quick charge battery delivers what it promises and is fully operational in about an hour
  • Perfect shave coming very close to a wet shave, all without any irritation whatsoever
  • Effective attachments for every situation guarantee a smooth shave all-round

The Braun Silk Epil LS 5560 clearly deserves its classification as a lady shaver. Shaving using all the three methods resulted in very impressive results: without the top in the armpit area, with or without OptiShave attachment for the bikini area and with Skin-Smoothing attachment for the legs.

Benefits and Features of Braun LS 5560

Using the Braun LS 5560 will leave your skin stubble-free without irritation, redness or other injuries and will deliver a comfortable shave. All in all, using the Epil LS 5560 is almost as good as a wet shave. To prove this point, shave one leg with the Braun LadyShaver and the other leg using the normal wet shave. You will see that there is no difference at all and the regrowth rate will almost be similar.

For people with a lot of hair, you will need approximately twenty minutes, which I find reasonable.

The battery lasts 40 minutes after which you will have to charge it for about 35 minutes. Cleaning of the Braun LS 5560 is very easy and just requires brushing and washing under running water. Re-oiling after washing will require a little effort on your part and is a little time-consuming.

The shaver offers a number of benefits:

  • Extra gentle shave: the rounded trimmer tips glide smoothly over the skin. This is especially important for women because of the delicate nature of their skin. Also, no woman wants to expose razor cuts on their beautiful legs!
  • Perfect adaptability: the rounded head adapts smoothly with the contours of the body which reduces the chances of the hairs remaining uncut. Also, this guarantees a one pass cutting experience without the need for repeating over the same spot – meaning less irritation.
  • Perfect bikini line: a close shave with the bikini zone trim attachment
  • Double-Care Technology: Shaving with the unique exfoliating brush invigorates the skin for a smooth radiant appearance.

In addition, the shaver has a long battery life which means that you can perform your shave anywhere without the restriction of a power cord. Also, three very useful attachments are provided with the Braun LS 5560: a bikini area shaving attachment, a scrub cap and the OptiShave attachment for the best results. What’s more, you do not need those expensive cleaning stations with the LS 5560 – just scrub with a brush and wash under running water and you are good to go.

The Braun LS 5560 is well suited for shaving the armpits.
The Braun LS 5560 is well suited for shaving the armpits. | Source

This ladies shaver does what it is supposed to do in contrast with the men’s models. If you are looking for a well-functioning and relatively cheap shaver for body hair, this model will serve you well. Reading the many reviews on the product, I have not come across one that indicates irritations or minor injuries from using the shaver. This is a device that is highly recommended, not only for women but for men too.

I use the Braun Silk Epil LS 5560 exclusively for the delicate bikini area and have been repeatedly satisfied with the results. The fact that it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and without any irritations is the main reason why I am satisfied with my purchase. The unit feels good in the hands and the three attachments complete the picture.

A Flaw With the Braun Silk Epil LS 5560 Lady Shaver

This is now my second purchase of the same device which speaks volumes as to the high regard I have for the product. I purchased my first Braun LS 5560 about two years ago and was so satisfied with it that a bought a second one recently for my daughter.

Sure, the quality of the second device was just as good as that of the first one. However, what made me angry with the second purchase is that more and more features appear to have been removed as compared to the first one.

My machine has two trim attachments, as well the very practical device holder and many other accessories. The newly purchased device, however, has only a trim cap and the holder is missing altogether. As we travel a lot, a holder is a very essential accessory for the safe transportation of the device.

Now, this part costs less than $3 dollars (which makes me wonder why it was removed in the first place) but the extra hassle of getting the item is not worth the trouble. The accessory must be included as standard like before to prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Why would they skimp on a small but very essential part then make the customer go through a complicated and time-consuming process of purchasing it separately?

Maybe my criticism of this flaw may not seem understandable to many people given the overall quality of the product.

However, if you are intending to purchase the device please make sure that all the accessories are included as per the product specifications.


This is still the best ladies shavers I have used and would recommend it to anyone despite the problem that I mentioned above.

The shaver is small, chic, ergonomically shaped and very handy indeed. I found that the hair removal is gentle and at the same time very thorough. The product delivers what it promises and I would not mind recommending it to anyone.

I like the fact that the device can be cleaned easily under running water though am a little disappointed about the sound levels which I find a little loud for my liking. However, that is still bearable as the shaving time is not that long.

The Braun Silk Epil LS 5560 LadyShaver is available at Amazon for $99.99:


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