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Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants - Surgical Enhancement Options

Updated on June 9, 2014

Overview of Breast Enhancement Surgery Options

Breast augmentation in order to enhance the size or appearance of breast size is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures of the times we live in.Plastic surgeons can produce a range of looks for females of most body types, utilizing several different surgery techniques and implant types. Before going ahead with breast augmentation, nonetheless, there is a number of things to take into consideration, which include hazards, positive aspects, issues of safety, scarring damage and beauty objectives.

Saline-filled gel implants
Saline-filled gel implants | Source
Silicone-filled gel implants
Silicone-filled gel implants | Source

The Types of Breast Implants Available

Breast augmentation enhances the appearance of the breasts by increasing their dimensions. This can be achieved with either silicone or saline implants. Saline implants can help achieve a more natural solution, as saline is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Saline implants have become a more popular choice over silicone implants in recent years. This being said, the fact that silicone implants tend to have a more natural appearance and feel in comparison to saline implants still makes them a preferred choice for some women. They also have a more natural movement to them in comparison to the end result of some saline implants.

Due to possible health concerns,silicone implants were removed from the american market in 1992 for additional review. These were permitted once again for usage in breast augmentation in individuals 22 years and older when, fourteen years after being removed from the market, absolutely no link could possibly be found between the implants and disease. Since being allowed for use in breast augmentation again, they have made a strong comeback, due to the reasons noted above.

Breast Implant Shapes and Profiles

There is two basic shapes that breast implants come in, a spherical shaped implants and also an anatomical, teardrop shaped implant. The spherical implants are the more popular breast implant shape, one reason being that they provide more fullness when the woman is standing or sitting upright.

The anatomical, teardrop-shaped breast implants were first designed for usage in breast reconstruction surgery, but these have also become popular in the breast augmentation industry as well. They have a full appearance towards the bottom which many people think gives a more natural appearance when compared to the round spherical implants.

The anatomical shaped breast implants need to stay in place in order to give an authentic look, therefore they're textured so that they can hold in place within the breast. These also have further options regarding customization, as different implant profiles of this type are available.

Implant profile is the term for an implant's level of projection with regards to the width of its base. In bygone times, the only way of controlling the breasts projection was by means of overall implant size, which sometimes could result in unnatural-looking cleavage in some individuals and frequently caused implant edges to be visible in the underarm of smaller-framed women. Implant profiles nowadays come in low, moderate and high to be more suited to the individual physical characteristics along with the personal preference of the individual herself.

The Various Incision Options Available

When planning breast augmentation. there are a few options regarding the performing of the actual surgical procedure itself. The possible incision areas are the inframmary (the crease under the breast) the periareolar (along the edge of the areola) the transaxillary (along the fold of the armpit) and the TUBA ( a small navel incision)

Periareolar and inframmary incisions are regarded as providing the most effective access for the cosmetic surgeon during performance of the surgery, whilst TUBA and transaxillary have the added benefit of no visible scarring around the breast.

The Implant Placement Options

The positioning of breast implants can be either over or under the chest muscle.

Over-muscle implants can result in a fuller, rounder look and may be more suitable to larger implants than the under the muscle option. In contrast, partial or full under-muscle implants result in a natural, sloping appearance which can cover rippling or implant edges in a manner that is sometimes better than the over-muscle option.

Possible Complications

Aside from the benefits of breast augmentation, as with any surgical procedure,sometimes complications can happen.

One common occurrence regarding complications is capsular contracture, this is when scar tissue becomes hard and forms around the breast implants, this can result in distortions and even pain.

Other issues that can occur are the reduction or loss of nipple sensation, as well as general unhappiness with the visual results, there is also something known as bottoming out, this is something that occurs when the implant moves below the inframmary fold, which leads to an unnatural look. Thanks to modern day techniques,most if not all of these issues can be remedied through revision surgery.

As with anything, be sure to review and research the pros and cons before deciding if breast enhancement surgery is for you or not.


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    • profile image

      Keara Littner 2 years ago

      I didn't realize that silicone implants were taken off of the market for such a long time to investigate potential health risks. It's good to know that they were put back up after they were unable to find any link between them and disease. Though, it is interesting that they are limiting silicone implants only to those that are over the age of 22.

    • profile image

      Ciaranm 3 years ago

      You're welcome!