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Wedding Bouquets - Buttons for the Bride

Updated on April 13, 2011

Unique Bridal Bouquets

Fun, whimsical, stylish, elegant, unique, sassy, timeless, high couture and funky steampunk to name a list of ideas that came to mind the first time I was introduced to the button bridal bouquet.

They are not only fun to look at, but they serve a purpose above and beyond your run of the mill traditional bridal bouquets.  They are heirlooms.  They are great for people who are allergic to real flowers.  And, they are a great alternative for venues, such as museums, that don't allow real flowers while being rented.

Photographers love them! They make for amazing texture in photographs and stellar color combinations.  They are every bit as elegant and regal as their real counterparts.

Buttons, Buttons and More Beautiful Buttons

AWESOME WEBSITE!  It's worth a visit!
AWESOME WEBSITE! It's worth a visit! | Source

How to Order a Button Bridal Bouquet

There are a few things I've noticed about bridal button bouquets, button corsages and button boutonnieres while scouring the internet trying to figure out why I'm so in love with these wedding accessories.

They are completely versatile. You can use any colors you like. Choose bright colors to make a splash. Or, use basic ivory or white for a more traditional look. The designers can also add vintage rhinestone jewelry to fancy it up a bit. Or, sew buttons on felt to make the bouquet feel a bit more nostalgic and quaint.

There are some that are all made of vintage buttons including pearl and brass. I would love to see a nautical one using old navy buttons - it would be fantastic for a seaside wedding! I bet the designers love visiting flea markets and estate sales.

It seems like there is no end to the variety of colors or styles you can have made. They can add feathers, pieces of costume jewelry, lace and ribbons. I'm sure you can have them include any special buttons you like. And, it is possible to custom order matching hair accessories or have them stitch on a button "bloom" onto your wedding day purse or shoes.

It's the coolest wedding accessory I've seen in a long time.

A couple of places that really stood out on my quest for the most magnificent button bouquets were: RBK Creations, which is run by a mother and daughter team (one of which is a fellow hubber!) and Princess Lasertron. Both of them have been written about in all the bridal magazines and have beautiful websites to sift through.

For whatever reason, looking at these creations makes me really happy. They're visually full of joy. It's the perfect accessory for any bride on her wedding day! I may just have to get re-married so I can have one of my own!

By the way, for those of us who love the idea, but aren't getting married anytime soon, I saw that both of these shops have what look like pin-on corsages. I bet they'd look fantastic on a winter coat!


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    • sen.sush23 profile image

      Sushmita 6 years ago from Kolkata, India

      Wow! Novel idea to me- and so beautiful too. Thanks for piling up the article with photographs, they make it so appealing. The corsage ideas are particularly wonderful to gift. Voted up- useful, interesting and beautiful.