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Bridal Lahenga Cholis

Updated on January 30, 2012

The wedding day is a day that a girl looks forward to ever since she can comprehend what weddings mean even if she never admitted it out loud, or for that matter to even herself that she wants a wedding of her own. A wedding is a very special day in a woman’s life, a day that the bride will remember and cherish forever with her special wedding day captured through the kaleidoscopic eye of the camera of the photographer. The wedding day is much planned by the bride and groom but when the day arrives it happens too fast for the participants. Leaving in its wake only photographs and videos to cling on to and cherish for the rest of the bride and groom’s life. Therefore, the bridal dress is a very important part of the wedding. Almost as important as the wedding for without the perfect bridal dress the wedding would not be complete.

It is true that brides have moved far away from the traditional bridal dress colour of red to interesting combinations and territories in terms of colour but it is nevertheless true that red is the ultimate bridal dress colour in Southeast Asia and will always remain so. Other colours may be exotic and unique for bridal dresses but they will never be as bold as red nor represent the bride’s temperament and emotions as well as the colour red would. Therefore without any argument red is the perfect colour for a bride’s bridal dress whether it be saree or lahenga. Although, my personal judgment tells me that a bride should stay true to tradition and hence stick to the seductive attire of saree for her wedding but the second best dress for Southeast Asian women are bridal lahenga cholis. 

Richly embellished Red bridal lahenga
Richly embellished Red bridal lahenga
On the Right, Deepika in a gorgeous red velvet lahenga
On the Right, Deepika in a gorgeous red velvet lahenga

There are many variations in bridal lahenga cholis, some have a lot of flounce and makes a perfect circle when spinning round, others cling closely to the body and there are fishtail bridal lahenga’s as well which hug the hips and down to the knees but them flare out as the tail of a mermaid. Although lahengas look very beautiful in many different colours, my main focus is on red bridal lahenga cholis. As a word of advice, bridal lahenga cholis do not always have to be full red only. It may have variation in the form of cutwork in different colours. The mixture of green with red bridal lahenga is a personal favourite of mine and if carried out properly it can be a beautiful combination. 

Red Combined with other colours

Red, Green and Gold, a beautiful combination for bridal lahenga choli
Red, Green and Gold, a beautiful combination for bridal lahenga choli
Red and Green is a dynamic combination for a bridal lahenga set
Red and Green is a dynamic combination for a bridal lahenga set
Red with an unusual shade of blue makes a fine bridal lahenga
Red with an unusual shade of blue makes a fine bridal lahenga
Katrina in Red and Green bridal lahenga
Katrina in Red and Green bridal lahenga
Left, Amrita Arora in a gorgeous classic combination of  Red and Gold lahenga
Left, Amrita Arora in a gorgeous classic combination of Red and Gold lahenga

Since red is such a gorgeous colour for a bride, the red usually tends to lose its gorgeousness if the embroidery or embellishment on the bridal dress is silver. It is better to have gold or copper embroidery and embellishment which will bring out the richness of the colour and add depth to the bride and go hand in hand with the gold jewellery that the bride will be wearing. It is better to leave out any icy colour when wearing red.

Whatever may be your desired look, one thing I will suggest is going for a bridal lahenga set that has a transparent or semi-transparent dupatta. The reason why I suggest that is because Southeast Asian brides cover their head with the bridal dupatta, which if not transparent will hide the beautifully decorated hair at the back which is usually further, decorated with flowers and head jewellery. Another plus point of having the bridal dupatta transparent is that it makes it possible to take beautifully artistic bridal photographs.

Bold in Red

What is your favourite Bridal Dress colour?

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