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Bridal Shoes - Satin Ballet Slippers Are In

Updated on October 30, 2007

Ok, before you give me a funny look, let me explain. Firstly, I’m not saying heels are out of fashion.

On the contrary. However, ballet slippers have always had an element of fantasy and most of us owned a pair as children. Remember dancing around in them while wearing that frou-frou dress grandma bought you? That’s right, and you felt like a princess, didn’t you.

Well, guess what? They still look pretty cool, and they have benefits you may not have considered. This is your wedding day, not the Jones’. You get to dress however you want – and your comfort is important. The last thing you want on your wedding night are aching feet and a cranky disposition.

  • Taller than the groom?

Even if you’re the same height in barefeet, you’re going to tower of your man if you’re wearing heels. Some women don’t care, and some women do. If this is an issue for you, ballet slippers are an excellent resolution. You won’t loom over your husband in the photos, and your feet will still look lovely.

  • Tootsie problems?

This one’s a bit obvious, but if you have issues with your feet, cramming them into point toed shoes is going to be a nightmare. There’s no point in putting yourself through agony just to get a few extra inches going. Comfy flats are the way to go, and ballet slippers are one of the best options you have.

  • Back problems?

If you suffer from scoliosis or have suffered an injury, high heels are going to take their toll. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be miserable and in pain. Wearing comfortable flats will prevent the major aches that heels would subject your body to. And you’ll still feel feminine despite not wearing heels.

More Tips:

  • Not just for the bride! You can get these for the bridesmaids as well. The material is dyable and can be made to match that lovely pea-green dress you’re making your best friend wear.
  • You can always order these and have them waiting for you at the reception. Nothing wrong with walking down the aisle in heels and then partying it up in slippers. Your bridesmaids will love you for it.
  • Buy them online – they are cheap! I’ve seen them for 35 bucks a pair.
  • They make great souvenirs – tie the straps together and drape them across a dresser mirror.

Happy wedding!

xx Isabella


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    • profile image

      cyan 7 years ago

      do you no what site i can see how much they are i really want some as i am a bridesmaid very soon do you nowhere i can look?

      Thank You.

    • profile image

      cyan 7 years ago

      do you no what site i can see how much they are i really want some as i am a bridesmaid very soon do you nowhere i can look?

      Thank You.

    • profile image

      Caitlin 7 years ago

      Hi, you say you've seen them for $35 bucks a pair? I would love to be referred to the website that sells them for that price :) the cheapest i've found so far is $40. I know five bucks doesn't make much of a difference, but it makes enough of a difference. Thanks!

    • profile image

      sarah 9 years ago

      I'm 5'3...almost, and my soon to be husband is 6ft. I will be wearing ballet slippers for our ceremony and reception I figure this is our day and I want to enjoy every minute of it and not worry about tripping or being uncomfortable. My guy loves that I'm short and I say embrace.

    • profile image

      Aubree 10 years ago

      I love it! not sure if small women would like it though. I think they want to look tall for the guys .Not sure. Everyone has their own opinion!

    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 10 years ago

      Thanks Zsuzsy! Good point! And Happy Halloween to you, too!

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 10 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Too true! I might add if I may. One terror most of the future brides worried about, while I was fitting them for their wedding dresses at my sewing shop, was tripping and face planting on the way to the altar. It seems the majority of girls/women live in Runners, Birkenstocks or lately in those god-awful 'Crocs'. Instead of trying to get used to walking in high heels and rather than wobbling, ballet slippers are a great alternative.

      Great Hub and Happy Halloween Zsuzsy