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Broke for hope, a look at what you are REALLY buying.

Updated on October 19, 2017

DSP Skin Care Commercial

DSP skin Care commercial

Some points to note:

1.) The young lady doing this commercial is...yes, YOUNG and would not need any ADDITIONAL collagen for her skin.

2.) There is no fuss about the product

3.) She believes using this product makes her prettier than the other girl.

So I sum this commercial up to be. If I want to look prettier than "her" I will use this product, even though I have no idea what it does for my skin.

Pay attention to the wording used to sell the product.

While you are busy visually watching the advertisement, which is designed to captivate your interest, what they are saying about the product is like skim over on your ears. For example, many advertisements for face- care often say -

1.) Reduces the "appearance" of wrinkles - this is not to imply that it actually has any real effect on your wrinkles.

2.) Reduces the "signs" of aging. Again, not to imply that it is turning back the clock.

3.) Reduces the "appearance" of fine lines and wrinkles - same as #1 but let's think about this, isn't a fine-line a wrinkle? This is to imply that you have multiple types of problems with your complexion and face. (A.K.A. you NEED this product) No, you do not.

4.) Clinical trial - This is merely marketing again, where a product is mailed to people who have signed up for a free sample and asked to evaluate sample product and provide feedback. Generally, people will send good feedback because it was free, and also perhaps because those who sign up for these products do not have a daily routine with a set of products, and therefore any moisturizer will feel great and also make their skin feel much better for having the additional hydration. That is not to imply that grocery store lotion couldn't do the same. Women who follow a routine with certain products rarely add an unknown product into the mix. The word "clinical" is used to make us of think of a clinic, then health, then nurse and doctor.

Pay close attention the buzz words like "reduce" "appearance" "can" "In some" "guaranteed" which brings me to...

5.) Guaranteed - this is not really a promise that you have a facelift in a bottle and it will work 100% guaranteed, this is a guarantee that "if you are not happy with your purchase, simply return the product for a full refund". These are designed this way because the majority won't be bothered to package it up, bring it to the post office and then PAY to return a product they have already paid for AND not knowing how long it will be before they are refunded, meaning they then have to chase it up. Most will throw the product in a drawer and be done with it. Here is where it helps the company, "over 1 million products sold with 100% satisfaction!" They can claim this because hardly anyone returned their product. Notice the weight of those jars? Pretty expensive to ship back at YOUR cost.

L'Oreal Paris commercial

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Skin Care Ritual

The video is really catchy due to the interesting piano tune and it is engaging.

My observations:

1.) Model is quite young

2.) Model is wearing makeup

3. The model does not appear to actually be applying anything to her skin.

4.) The product really doesn't offer you anything.


5.) This series of products will be sold many times over because of -

a) brand recognition

b) Looking younger is implied

c) taking better selfies is implied and

d) Because some people will simply like the commercial.

How much will hope cost you?

Cellular Cream/Platinum Rare
1.7 oz/ 50mil
Skin Caviar/luxe cream
1.7 oz/ 50mil
500 mil
Cle De Peau La Creme
1.8 oz
Obviously, these products are among the most expensive, but I did this purposely - If advertising couldn't convince us that we lack a youthful and flawless appearance, these products wouldn't exist at anywhere near these prices.

The wrong color,the product doesn't have desired results, or the product is too demanding of application times.

If you are like me, you have a drawer, or two, full of all types of foundation and even prep foundation, from light, which is always ghostly pasty white, to medium shades and there are several, trying to find the right one is really expensive, and then we have the lipsticks that looked great on the model but the red makes our teeth look yellow so we don't wear it, the medium reds go from mauve looking to a Christmas light bulb. It seems that we spend so much money to feel good by looking good and that is okay really, but if you were to grab a calculator and start adding up the cost of each mistake, each wrong color, each cream that didn't work as expected, including acne creams and cleansers, I am going to guess it goes well into hundreds of dollars.

Some of these creams, cleansers and night and day products would have us washing our face multiple times a day just to apply when it is recommended, and if you notice improvement in your skin, you have to ask yourself, is it from washing my face so often that I am removing skin clogging debris that is clearing my skin and giving it this whole new shine?

Most of us do not go to a dermatologist for our skin care needs because we say "it is just too expensive" but when you add up the mistakes in your cabinets and drawers, is it really? A specialist in skin and we say we can't afford it.

Most of us to don't visit a makeup counter and have a professional makeup artist select and apply our make up because we think it is so expensive, yet we likely have more mistakes in our possession that cost much more! A specialist in makeup and we refuse to accept the help.

Let us think about that. :-)

© 2017 Lisa


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