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Bulga Handbags - Sale on Purses, Totes, Satchels, and Hobo Bags

Updated on May 12, 2011

BULGA Handbags

Are you looking to buy Bulga handbags? Bulga handbags come in a few different styles and many different colors to suit just about any woman’s tastes. A Bulga handbag is elegant and very stylish; thus, the popularity of this brand is very high. A buyer can find these types of handbags with decorative designs that help promote that stylish look that Bulga is known for. Another key to what makes Bulga handbags so popular is the materials that are used. All products by Bulga are made from genuine Italian fine leather with strong threads to make quality purses. Metal zippers, instead of cheap plastic zippers are used for pocket closures and fine fabrics are used for lining so women won’t have to worry about the lining coming apart like cheap purses.

Check out all of the information to help you find the best quality Bulga handbags. Amazon deals are also listed on this page to help you save a lot of money on purchases.

Bulga Handbags: Satchels for Women - Fine Italian Leather and a Variety of Color Choices

Bulga handbags that are of a satchel style are made from supple fine leather from Italy. Satchels come in a wide variety of colors – green, tan, black, red, orange and brown are the common colors of a Bulga handbag. Satchels are finely stitched to insure a superior and quality product. Bulga handbags are also constructed with metal – strong zippers for durability.

Interiors of the satchel Bulga handbags are constructed with fine fabrics for lining. Bulga is often printed repeatedly on the fabric lining with a metal logo (Bulga) sewn inside. Straps are also made of the fine Italian leather and are attached with strong metal brackets to prevent them from coming lose. Satchels also feature several pockets. Pockets, depending on the satchel model can be found inside and outside so women have more storage for wallets, makeup, and other goods.

Bulga Handbags: Totes for Women – Classy and Trendy Purse Styles

Bulga handbags in the tote style come in different shades like the popular satchels. Buyers can expect white, black, grey, and brown for primary colors that are used. Totes feature a bucket style to provide more room to carry personal goods. Some styles feature pop rivet designs to give the Bulga handbags a trendy look. Totes are also made from high quality Italian leather and strong threading to make a durable product. 

Care of Bulga Handbags

Caring for Bulga handbags is like caring for other fine leather goods. If your Bulga handbag becomes dirty over time from normal wear and tear then buy a leather conditioner from a reputable shop. Follow the directions for use of the product carefully. If you are edgy about treating your Bulga handbag with leather cleaner yourself then consider consulting with a shop that specializes in the care of leather goods in your area. Some shops may charge a small fee for cleaning. Avoid getting your Bulga handbag wet. Leather may become weak or damaged over time from moisture; therefore, avoid walking in the rain, if possible. If any of your Bulga handbags happen to become wet, simply blot the purse gently with a soft towel and place it in front of a fan on a low setting.

Tips for Buying Bulga Handbags

Several retailers may be different in pricing when it comes to Bulga handbags. A factor that might inflate the price is demand. If there is a short supply of specialty purses then the prices may rise. Consider your shopping options before you purchase.

A Bulga Handbag is stylish and classy.Image courtesy of GMarcelo of
A Bulga Handbag is stylish and classy.Image courtesy of GMarcelo of


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