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Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Review

Updated on May 10, 2011

Buxton Cell Phone Wallet

Genuine Buxton Leather
Genuine Buxton Leather

Buxton Cell Phone Wallet is one As Seen On TV product accessory deserving of a raving review. Look, not all as seen on TV products are good products, some are not worth the money, and in my experience some don't even work. So if you've been looking for an organizer wallet, and want a cellphone wallet, coin wallet or credit card wallet, then you'll love my Buxton Cell Phone Wallet review.

First, we all have to let go of the fact the this cell phone wallet is an as seen on TV product. There seems to be way too much stigma attached to products pitched to us on late night infomercials but that's a topic for another time. But for now, please know that the Buxton Cell phone walletis a product we'd all buy no matter who's selling it.

Next, let's forget for a moment that it's called a cell phone wallet. It's really a cell phone purse! I really think the folks at Buxton misnamed their cell phone wallet because the name diminishes it's value. Wallets are small, and even though the Cell phone wallet from Buxton is tiny, it can completely replace an entire pocket book. So I'm thinking they should have called it the Buxton Cell Phone Purse. But the cool part is that no matter what it's called, it is functional.

My first Buxton Leather item was the Wallet Wizard and I absolutely loved it. But the cell phone wallet, I mean cell phone purse (lol) has a lot more promise. I first thought this item was made of some type of faux material, but its a real leather cell phone wallet which makes it a little more fancy. I suspected some other material only because of the zip up compartments which keep all the items in their place. But you can see from the photo above, the leather looks quite nice.

The way this little cell phone purse is organized is quite brilliant. Not only does it provide a nifty little cell phone holder, but it makes the traditional bulky wallet obsolete. You will no longer have to stuff your wallet into your purse because the cell phone wallet actually becomes the purse! Let's take a look at the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet commercial to see what a real organizer wallet can do. Don't pay a lot of attention to the campy sales pitch, well I suppose you can laugh if you want to, just try to notice the features.

Now after watching the commercial it's easy to see what a good organizer wallet is all about. Most products seem to fall short of what the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet is able to deliver. Even though most woman are quite use to carrying a purse, the only real reason to continue is tradition alone. When you accessorize and order the leather wallet strap you can carry the cell phone wallet like a traditional purse.

The Buxton acts as a credit card wallet, cell phone holder, coin wallet and even holds an MP3 player and does so with efficiency. I would say the only drawback I experience is putting things back in their rightful places. When I pull a credit card out of the credit card wallet area, I often shove it back into the area where I keep my business cards.

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Buxton Phone Wallet PriceCell Phone WalletCell Phone Wallet From BuxtonBuxton Cell Phone Wallet Buy 1 Get 1 FreeCell Phone Wallet As Seen On TV
Buxton Phone Wallet Price
Buxton Phone Wallet Price
Cell Phone Wallet
Cell Phone Wallet
Cell Phone Wallet From Buxton
Cell Phone Wallet From Buxton
Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Cell Phone Wallet As Seen On TV
Cell Phone Wallet As Seen On TV

Buy Buxton Cell Phone Wallet

So you're ready to Buy Buxton Cell Phone Wallet but what's the best offer? The truth is you can buy the cell phone wallet from many sources but most are online or pitched in infomercial form. The truth of the matter is that the offers are pretty much the same. The one I purchased for my Cell Phone Wallet Review was $19.95 plus S & H. In fact when I bought this particular Buxton, I received on free. Well kind of free. The shipping for the two wallets was $15.90. And, I can't figure it out either so don't ask. But I got my two Buxton phone wallets and they were perfect.

The Buxton Phone Wallet price which I see advertised now is still a Buy One Get One Free offer but for only $9.95 which is a $10 saving from the price I paid. This offer includes a free key chain flashlight which is always cool for about 10 seconds.

Here are other ways to Accessorize your order

  • Add a two-year warranty to your order for only $10 more.
  • Get a black Buxton Leather Over the Shoulder Organizer for just $14.95 with free P&H.
  • My Lil’ Reminder is a compact digital voice recorder that fits neatly onto your key chain, just $9.95 and free P&H.

Personally, I didn't upgrade in any way. I considered the Over the Shoulder, but in the end I went with the basics. If you've bought the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet or what to add a review of your own, just leave a comment below.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The Staples store in our area carries these so you can check them out to see how they work. I think they're really neat. It's so small that it can easily fit in another purse and you can carry additional stuff. Ilove the magnetic cover for the phone. So easy to use.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i decided to return the 4 buxton wallets as they did not hold as much as i thought they would. i spent more than $50.00 on the order, had to send them back at my expense and THEN the company reimbursed me $19.90. so the "guarantee" they offered does NOT exist. it cost me practically all the order amount and have no product. MAKE SURE YOU DONT WANT TO RETURN THIS ITEM. RIDICULOUS!!!!!


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