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Buy Black Wedge Boots Online

Updated on January 10, 2010

Black wedge boots, or “wedgies” are the kind of head-turning style that stems from their good looks and modern design. Wedge boots have so many variances in style that anyone can find a pair within their taste range. You may be a person that likes the sleek, refined look of leather combined with a hidden zipper. Or, your taste might be a little more on the extravagant side of big buckles and sexy lace. Many great companies design wedge boots, which range in price depending on the quality of the materials. On the higher end you’ll find brands like Aido which use high quality leathers in almost their entire line. Black suede wedge boots are also highly sought after.  

Wedge boots can have a variety of clasps which are both decorative and functional. Belt buckles are commonly used for both purposes. Some designs feature a buckle at the top for a more traditional, casual look. The buckle may or may not be functional, but looks great nonetheless. Wedge boots may also make high use of buckles that run the entire length of the boot which is commonly seen in Goth styles. Boots with lace aren’t for everyone, but they definitely have their own group of followers, and really stand out. Lace runs up the front, back or side of the boot and usually ties into a bow at the top. A more conventional style consists of a zipper-up boot which is very easy to put on and remove. Let’s take a look at some great black wedge boots that can be found online.


Zippered wedge boots make for a refined look that can be worn just about anywhere. They work well in a wide range of situations ranging from casual outings to formal gatherings. They’re also one of the easiest types of boots to get on and off using just the pull of a zipper. The zipper portion can be located on any side of the boot and can run all the way down or only partially (Known as a “half-zip”). The zipper can be completely concealed with a flap of material, whether it be plastic, leather or synthetic. Black leather wedge boots look especially great with a zipper. Extra wide zippers can be used as part of the style of the shoe. The width of your calf is taken into consideration when getting the right size. Different sizes are given using a “width” number. The boot should fit snugly around your calf when it is zipped up.


Buckle clasps appeal to different styles depending on the way it is presented. Single buckles are usually placed at ankle level or at the top of the calf. If functional, the buckle is used to tighten the boot snugly around the leg. Zippered wedge boots don’t have this level of flexibility and need to be just the right size to fit right. Lace up boots will commonly include a buckle for extra flexibility. Gothic wedgies often feature an overload of buckles along the entire length. Some boots have a wrapped design where a flap is pulled around the calf and tightened using a belt strap.

Winter / Fuzzy

There’s nothing like having a fuzzy pair of warm wedge boots when you need them. Most fuzzy boots are made from faux fur and are very soft. The fur is generally placed thickly along the rim of the boot. Combined with some lace or a few buckles, this setup makes for a very stylish design. Real animal fur is quite rare and expensive and therefore not mass produced. You’ll find that the man made varieties are pleasantly soft to the touch and feel great. Although they have a certain seasonal flair, they look great all year round.


Laced boots form a contoured fit around any size leg. If you don’t know what size would fit you best, a laced boot is a safe bet because they can be adjusted accordingly. Boots with lace running along the entire length are the most flexible. The lace comes in two styles- the more conventional shoelace form and an actual thick lace. The thick lace is naturally more exotic, and can come in many vibrant colors. You will often see black wedge boots have a combination of lace and buckles & straps. Laces are usually tied up at the end with a bow. Also, the lace may run the full length or only partially down the boot.


A black wedge boot is very durable and long lasting because one piece of material, usually rubber, forms the sole and the heel of the boot. Styles are in abundance and continue to grow as designers produce more awesome designs.



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