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Casio Watch reviews 2016

Updated on November 8, 2015

Casio have been makers of cheap but high quality watches for years. This web page is for shoppers wanting to buy Casio watches online. In it we will review some of the best selling Casio watches.

Casio Men's Sea Analog Illuminator Dual LED Dive Watch

This watch was intended to be a diving watch. It's waterproof up to 200 meters and when you push the light button on it, it has a bright LED light above the 12 and below the 6. With the stainless steel casing the watch looks very stylish. It definitely looks like you spent more than $50 on it.

Because it is a diving watch they have made it very easy to read. The white dials contrast very well against the black background.

The watch reminds me a little of the James Bond watches. It's probably intentionally made to look that way.

I would definitely recommend this watch to anybody who is looking for an accurate, durable and stylish diver's watch.

Casio Women's Calendar Sub-dials Silver-Tone Analog Quartz Watch

This watch is very feminine. I really like the shade of pink they have on the watch face and on the strap. The strap is made from real leather and the watch case from stainless steel.

The smaller dials on the watch face shows you the date.

The watch is water-proof up to 165 feet and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Casio Men's Ana-Digi Electro-Luminescent Sport Watch

With a stopwatch, timer, 4 alarms and a "snooze" option this would be a nice, full featured watch. But it also has support for multiple time-zones, automatic daylight saving time switch and both digital and analog time on the face. Considering the price this makes it great value for money.

The size of the watch is neither large nor small. I found the watch goes well with most outfits.

Generally this is a very good everyday watch and the multiple alarms are very useful.

Casio Women's Classic Analog Quartz Watch

I would describe this watch as having a classic stylish design with just a hint of femininity. The silver and the subtle light pink watch face makes for a very pleasing combination.

The watch is waterproof up to 99 feet.

This watch is perfect for the office use or important occasions.

Casio Men's Multifunction Sport Watch

This is the perfect watch for athletes. Normally the sounds sports watches make aren't loud enough, for me. This watch can be heard, even if there is a lot of background noise.

As athletes know watches can get lost or broken in many ways. The Casio Sport is practically indestructible and it's so cheap that it can easily be replaced, if lost.

The watch can be set to make an sound every minute and then a countdown 30s, 20s, 10s, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The Casio Sport keeps dual time, you can easily switch it if you move between time zones regularly.

This watch is reliable, durable, practical, light, inexpensive and not too bad looking. If that's what you need then buy this watch.

Casio Women's Baby-G Atomic Timekeeping Watch

The Baby-G has an attractive, contemporary styling and a sporty feel and look to it, also it combines several time keeping functions in one watch.

The watch's strong points:

  • The Baby-G has a perpetual calendar, so you don't have to worry about setting the date, when a month has less than 31 days.
  • The Baby-G displays either the month and day OR the time, in digital format. By pressing one of the buttons this display is toggled. I find it best to use the analog hands to read the time and to leave the digital display on the month.
  • The Baby-G self adjusts the time on it. It does so by detecting the time broadcast from the atomic clock facility in Colorado. An atomic clock is a very precise clock.This means that you always have the correct time.
  • The Baby-G has a countdown timer, stop watch and alarm.
  • There is a light that lets you read the time at night.

On the downside: being a sports watch it is a little thicker than a normal watch. However for everyday use you can't beat the Baby-G.

Buy classic Casio watch online 2016
Buy classic Casio watch online 2016

Casio Men's Classic Digital Bracelet Watch

This is a thin comfortable watch with a definite eighties feel to it. The beep you get when the alarm goes off or when you press a button, also reminds me of the eighties.

This classic digital watch works for just about any occasion.

This watch definitely looks more pricey than it is. Don't let that fool you, this is a high quality watch.

This watch is water-proof up to 100 feet and it has a mineral crystal cover on the glass to protect the watch from scratches.

I hope you where able to find a nice Casio watch to fit your needs in Casio watch reviews 2016.

If you are looking for a cheap good value watch you really can't do much better than a Casio.


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