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Updated on February 6, 2011
Sarah Jessica Parker is just one of the many celebrities with a successful perfume line
Sarah Jessica Parker is just one of the many celebrities with a successful perfume line | Source

The Best Celebrity Fragrances and Perfumes

 Every time you turn around, another celebrity has released a fragrance—Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears, Sarah Jessica Parker—the list keeps growing, and the stars who don’t have their own perfumes yet are the faces of one. Some celebrity fragrances are truly delightful—delicate, feminine, flirtatious—while others offer nothing more than kitschy bottles (Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers—nothing to love there, really). Here are the best of the best celebrity fragrances—and the rest we’ll leave on the shelves.

Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker

 Sarah Jessica Parker grew from a lovely but awkward young woman (Square Pegs, anyone?) into a confident, style-setting fashion icon whose every fashion move makes the industry take note. Huge flowers? Ballerina buns? Sky-high stilettos? The public follows Sarah Jessica Parker’s every move.

Sarah Jessica Parker has, to date, created three fragrances, but her first, Lovely, remains her best. A sensual, utterly feminine scent, Lovely is a fresh yet complex fragrance that appeals to a wide base of women. Crisp top notes of bergamot, apple martini, lavender, and mandarin mellow into middle notes of patchouli and orchid, with a rich base of musk and white amber.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely is a sophisticated perfume that’s perfect for an elegant signature scent. (And since this celebrity scent is a eau du parfum, its fragrance lingers all day.)

Jessica Simpson's Fancy Perfume and Products

Fancy, by Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s career may be on the wane, but in Fancy she (or her people) has created one of the best celebrity perfumes on the market. Rich yet youthful, Jessica Simpson’s Fancy is a warm perfume that’s a sophisticated mix of vanilla and sandalwood. Base notes include caramel, vanilla, toasted almonds, and red fruit, while top and middle notes include amber, apricot, pear, gardenia, and jasmine.

Encased in a pretty pinkish-gold bottle embellished with gold curlicues, Fancy by Jessica Simpson is in the kind of pretty bottle you leave out on your bathroom counter—though perhaps with the name turned backward.

Jennifer Lopez's Live Luxe Perfume and sProduct

Live Luxe Perfume, by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe perfume has a refreshing, fruity scent that’s a bit lighter than the others I’ve reviewed—it’s a great spring/summer scent with an underlying warmth that isn’t too heavy. Pear and peach burst out in the top notes, followed by notes of freesia, honeysuckle, and muguet (that’s fancy perfume speak for lily of the valley). The perfume’s bottom notes are a subtle blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.

Like Fancy, Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe perfume comes in a truly lovely bottle—a vintage shape made modern by swirls of blue and red.

Jennifer Aniston, by Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s perfume (renamed after its original moniker, Lolavie, experienced poor sales) is a newcomer to the celebrity fragrance category—it’s not even available in stores until March, though you can get it online now. Aniston has said that she wanted her perfume to be a “personal scent library” that contains all her favorite memories in one bottle—memories of days at the beach and summer nights.

In keeping with her crisp California style, the bottle is simple and chic, while the perfume itself has a sunny, slightly floral scent. Notes of citrus and rosewater give the perfume a clean, fresh start before the scent eases down into night-blooming jasmine, Amazon lily, and violet, finishing off with a creamy base of sandalwood, amber, and musk.

Jennifer Aniston’s perfume is a feminine but not sultry fragrance, making it very versatile—it can easily go from the office to out on the town.

If you like to layer your scents, most celebrity perfumes also come with matching lotions—if you choose to use those as well, go easy on the spritzing! Otherwise you risk overpowering your work colleagues’ or loved ones’ noses.


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