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Cover Girl Have Some Great Red Lipsticks That You Can Buy Online

Updated on December 3, 2012

Cover Girl make some really great red lipsticks that you can buy online.

Red lipstick should not be worn by every woman. Our lips thin as we get older and wearing the color red can emphasise this, and so is best avoided. However, if your lips are still full and luscious, Cover Girl red lipstick can make you look really glamorous.

They guarantee long lasting color while moisturising and protecting the delicate skin on your lips. This is important when you want to look your best. Have heads turn to look at YOU when you finish off your make-up routine with red lipstick.

The best way to apply red lipstick is to outline your lips firstly with a lip liner, then fill in the color. Apply to your lower lip, and use your lower lip to transfer the color to the top lip, taking care not to allow the color to run outwith the lines you already drew.

Use the applicator to touch up any bit that you lower lip missed, then dab a paper tissue on your lips to absorb any excess lipstick.

Wait a few minutes until this layer is completely dry, then re-apply if necessary to bring out the full color.

If you are young, using clear lip gloss on the top of your red lipstick will give your lips a wet look that can be very attractive.

CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick, Really Red 575, 0.13-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick, Really Red 575, 0.13-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)

Covergirl Continuous Color

This is a great buy because it is two lipsticks in a bright red.

The formula is moisture rich to help keep our lips from drying out.

Contains Vitamin a and Vitamin E for lasting protection to keep lips soft and kissable.

The red color stays on really well.

Or to just try this color, buy a single pack of Covergirl Continuous color, Really Red.

Covergirl Outlast All Day Cover lipstick

This is a great two-piece lipstick that you put on first thing in the morning, and the color will last all day. You can eat and drink and the color won't come off!

Simply apply the undercoat on to clean lips (so remove any lipstick you slept in) and wait a minute or two until it dries.

Then apply the top coat and you are all set for the day. The top coat moisturises and protects your lips so no unsightly drying occurs. You can touch it up as often as you want to keep the shine, but the color will stay no matter even if you have a shower.

Remove with baby oil, petroleum jelly, or even Covergirl Clean Eyes Makeup Remover.

Covergirl Outlast red lipsticks

Covergirl Queen Collection Lipcolor
Covergirl Queen Collection Lipcolor

Covergirl Queen Collection Lipcolor

The Queen Collection have a range of true colors. This is the one in bright red.

It moisturises and protects your lips as well as leaves them looking great!

Simply apply with a brush or directly from the tube for a long lasting, dramatic, shimmery and seductive look.

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 964 Maximum Red


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