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Cheap Discount Medical Scrubs Uniform Buy Online Mickey Mouse, Mens Baby Phat Cherokee Dickies and more!

Updated on September 3, 2012

Working in the Medical Field, it is often a requirement that you wear medical scrubs, or “scrubs”. The traditional Nurses and Nurses Aide uniform has changed dramatically from years past. The once all-white dresses and cap have been replaced to pants and tops of many different colors, shapes and styles. Doctors, once restricted, can now become more personal through their choice of uniform. Even surgeons and assistants can show their style.Your choice of scrubs represents you, the medical position you work and the clinic, hospital or agency you work for. Picking scrubs has never been more fun.

Traditional "Scrubs"

Greys Anatomy Scrubs

Greys Anatomy is one of the most popular Medical based television shows aired. The show is loved not only for the characters and story line, but also for the scrubs they wear. Now there is a line of Greys Anatomy Scrubs! They are roomy, comfortable and trendy. Grey's Anatomy medical wear is based entirely on the scrubs worn by real professionals in the medical industry. There is no better way to show your a fan and feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Greys Anatomy Scrubs

Dickie Scrubs

We used to have a choice of many styles as long as they were white or standard blue. Until Dickies.

Dickies introduced more fashion-forward colors. The initial blues and whites were joined with yellow, tan, green and other solid colors, eventually evolving into patterns and prints. Dickies gives you medical apparel with a contemporary style and comfortable fit. Dickies has been a long-time trusted brand of uniform for over 90 years.

Disney Scrubs

There is nothing better than working with children. But when they come to the Doctor or Pediatric Dentist Office, they are undoubtedly nervous and scared. Fortunately, scrubs have flowers, smiles, bright colors and characters of some of the most enjoyed. Anything from Sponge-bob to Mickey Mouse, you can find it in scrubs. Children see you as fun and someone who can relate to them, so how can that be scary, right? 

Baby Phat Scrubs

One brand that is becoming more popular by the day is Baby Phat. Not only are these scrubs practical but they are well-made, fashionable and comfortable. Baby Phat is a brand made by Kimora Lee Simmons. She is high-end and wants nothing but the best. And she delivers by this brand of scrubs.

Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons celebrates the diversity and beauty of the career-oriented woman - particularly those in the medical industry.

"We are a brand dedicated to providing women with certain elements of fashion, flair, and fabulously in their everyday wardrobe needs.” - Kimora Lee Simmons

Mens Scrubs

It appears that scrubs are more targeted at the female in the medical field than men. Men are limited to the basic color and style. Also, men can be very tall and finding pants that are long enough can be difficult. However, in this ever changing field comes newer and better choices for the men in health care.

Enjoy expressing your style and still maintaining professionalism at work!

Buying Scrubs Online

Buying scrubs online is an easy, inexpensive and relaxed way of buying scrubs. I live in a city with approximately 60,000 people. Believe it or not, we have only one uniform shop. Although they have great uniforms, they are expensive and limited in choice.

I find that buying online is cheaper and easier than going to the store. I find what I want and sizing is never an issue. That's the good thing with scrubs, if you know your size is Large in one brand, it'll be large in another. Some scrubs stores online also include free shipping or free exchange/return policy. So make sure you note that along with the purchase price.

Overall, online scrub shopping is a fun and inexpensive way to customize your style.


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