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Buy Hoodies Online

Updated on July 19, 2012

As the last days of summer come to an end shortly and the cold, dark winter months draw near i decided to go shopping and get some winter clothes,now i am very partial to the hooded sweatshirt or hoody as they are more commonly known as,so off into town i strolled to purchase some so as to keep myself warm in the winter.After a not very fruitful search i headed home,it would seem that a lot of retailers don't put out their winter stock until October,November,but i like to be prepared so i hit the Internet and searched online and not only did i find a huge number of hoodys from loads of different designers but also they were a lot cheaper than i was expecting too.I have created this hub with you guys in mind and listed some of my favourite hoodys and explained why they are my favourites.

Quicksilver Hoodies

Quicksilver is synonymous with surfers and general beach going people or anybody with an affinity with the ocean and ocean sports.Not only are these really sought after hoodies but they can be a touch expensive so buy out of season and preferably from somewhere like eBay.Quicksilver not only do outrageous hoodies but also plain simple designs so there is something for everyone.

Ecko Hoodies

Ecko hoodies were originally designed by graffiti artist Marc Ecko,started off being sold out of the back of his van and has since grown massively and is now starting to get tie-ins with mma including sponsoring several ufc fighters,with mma being the fastest growing sport in the world this can only be good buisness for Ecko unlt.Onwards and upwards for this exciting and stunning brand of hoodies.

Silverstar Hoodies

Silverstar is now the leading clothing manufacturer and sponsor for a lot of ufc fighters and mma fighters in general,they have lots of styles of shirts and hoodies as well as signature hoodies which are the ones that are specifically designed for the fighters and their walk-outs.These hoodies are generally really expensive so buying online does keep the cost down a little.Brilliant hoodies.


Animal hoodies hold the same style and brand quality as quicksilver but are the budget range of hoodies as they are usually a lot cheaper then their more fashionable counterparts,i personally own a couple of animal hoodies as although they are cheaper they are well made,warm and usually hold up to a lot of wear.There are a wide range of styles and designs for these hoodies which also make them very popular.


A world famous Australian brand that doesn't just do clothing they also have their own tv programme, and regularly hold sporting events such as skating,surfing and wake boarding.They have several world class athletes and sports people signed to them and they sponsor other large sporting events.Their clothing range is like quicksilver in that it is primarily aimed at ocean going people who love water sports but they have branched out and now provide skate wear too.


Bench is primarily a UK outfit but are now branching out with festivals and fashion shows in other countries.It was started in the late 80's as a skate clothing firm but has since expanded and now does a wide variety of clothing to suit all tastes.They are slightly cheaper than your billabong or quicksilver but still hold the same style which is why they are so popular.


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