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Buy Jennifer Lopez Glow Perfume and Fragrance Online

Updated on April 25, 2011
Jennifer Lopez is not only a singer, but a successful entrepreneur with her own line of Glow perfumes
Jennifer Lopez is not only a singer, but a successful entrepreneur with her own line of Glow perfumes | Source

Smells Like a Star: Jennifer Lopez Perfumes and Fragrances

Jennifer Lopez was the second celebrity, following movie actress Elizabeth Taylor, to capitalize on her own fame by marketing a perfume line. Jennifer Lopez’s first perfume, Glow, was released in 2002 and was a smash hit, leading to many Glow spin-offs. Jennifer Lopez continues to develop and market new fragrances for her perfume line, remaining more involved in the process than other stars who lend their names to these fancy, scent-filled bottles.

Glow, by Jennifer Lopez

Glow is the first in the line of Jennifer Lopez’s wildly successful “Glow” fragrances—it made over $100 million in its first year of sales and appealed to a much wider base of women than the teens and twenty-year-olds it was originally targeted toward.

Glow is a clean, fresh scent with floral notes; the perfume starts with top notes of citrus and rose before softening into rose and jasmine, with a vanilla and sandalwood base. Glow by Jennifer Lopez has unusually good lasting power for a celebrity perfume—the scent lingers for hours after application.

Miami Glow, by Jennifer Lopez

After the success of Glow, Jennifer Lopez’s next perfume, released a year later, was Miami Glow. Miami Glow is a beachy, fruity floral with a coconut smell that mellows down into the same clean scent as the original Glow, though the top notes of pink grapefruit, coconut, and passionfruit and the middle notes of black currant, heliotrope, and cyclamen give it some differentiation.

Miami Glow as a limited edition perfume and can now only be found online at retailers like, so if you love it, stock up!

Love at First Glow, by Jennifer Lopez

Love at First Glow is the least complex of Jennifer Lopez’s scents, and also the sweetest. For those who like simple, light fragrances, Love at First Glow is a good choice. Love at First Glow has perhaps the freshest scent of the J Lo perfumes, with top notes of bergamot, neroli, and Georgia peach, a heart of jasmine, wild rose, and freesia, and a woodsy base of blond woods and vanilla. Younger women will enjoy this scent the most; it might not be sophisticated enough for those age twenty and up.

Love at First Glow is another limited edition that is no longer produced, but can be found online.


Glow After Dark, by Jennifer Lopez

As its name implies, Jennifer Lopez’s Glow After Dark is a perfume for nights on the town. Glow After Dark is a fruity floral with top notes of mandarin, white cherry, and passion fruit; middle notes of jasmine, peony, rose, and orange flower; and base notes of pink musk, patchouli, blonde woods, and oak moss.

The tagline for Glow After Dark was “wild. sexy. breathless.” and its fragrance is similar to that of Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy. Unlike Miami Glow and Glow at First Sight, Glow After Dark is a permanent addition to the J Lo fragrance line, and is a bit easier to find.

Sunkissed Glow, by Jennifer Lopez

Sunkissed Glow is another beachy, fruity floral, much like the others in the Glow line, but Sunkissed Glow has a stronger tropical fruit scent.

Top notes are grapefruit, cassis sorbet, and pineapple juice; middle notes include passionflower, water lily and orange blossom, but the florals are so faint as to be almost unnoticeable; and the base notes include amber, hot sand, musk, and cashmere wood. Sunkissed Glow is the closet Glow fragrance to the discontinued Miami Glow.

My Glow, by Jennifer Lopez

My Glow is Jennifer Lopez’s latest fragrance, reportedly inspired by her twins, Max and Emme. My Glow was marketed as “undeniably feminine,” and indeed this is Jennifer’s most feminine perfume to date. With top notes of lavender, freesia, water lily, and white rose, a heart of wet leaves, peony, and Casablanca lily, and base notes of precious woods, sandalwood, and heliotrope, My Glow is an unabashedly floral delight.

With My Glow, J Lo also strayed from her signature bottle shape, choosing a more vintage-inspired style with an angel-shaped cap.

Blue Glow, by Jennifer Lopez

Blue Glow is the latest limited edition perfume to the Glow line, and its fragrance is meant to reflect “the mystery of the ocean.” Blue Glow is an aquatic scent, with notes including Valencia orange, water lily, vintage rose, shimmering water, and vanilla orchid. Blue Glow hasn’t really made a splash with fans, but if you like a soft blend of aquatic, floral, and fruit, stock up before it goes out of production.


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