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Buy Discount Perfume Testers For Big Savings

Updated on June 27, 2009

A perfume tester is a full size bottle of perfume that is packaged and distributed for the sole purpose of being a tester that can be used to test the scent and fragrance of the perfume before the consumer purchases.

There is nothing against selling perfume or cologne tester bottles, they can be for example is a online perfume website that offers these bottles for WAY lower prices then you can get the regular bottles for. It is not hard to find these for as much as 80% off the regular price.

The difference is it is very likely that the bottle of perfume or cologne may be sold in a box other then the regular packaging and in some instances, there is no cap or lid, there will always however be a spray or spritzer. This however, many times is a rare occurance. I have purchased many tester bottles of perfumes over the years and I have never recieved one without a lid. They do often come in a plain white or cardboard box instead of the fancy packaging they are sold in stores with. The box may or may not say Tester on it.

Q. Why are testers so cheap?

A. Tester bottles are not packaged for sale on store counters. Cologne and perfume stores and distributors are able to buy testers at low low prices because they are packaged just to be used to allow interested shoppers to smell the scent. Some distributors do sell the testers packages and are able to do so at a discount and still make money

Q. The testers available for sale, have they been used already?

A. No. You are paying for a brand new, never used bottle of perfume. Every thing about the perfume and the bottle is exactly the same as it would be if you bought the regular version. Only difference it may or may not have a cap, and it may or may not have a box. Those with boxes will be plain.

Q. Can I Find A Tester For My favorite Brand?

A. Usually, but not all fragrances offer testers. Do a search using "tester" as a keyword with your brand name.

Q. I've Heard These Aren't Legal For Resale.

A. Misconception. Tester bottles are completely 100% legal for resale.

Q. Can I buy perfume tester bottles in stores?

A. Have you ever seen these in stores? The brick and motar stores you purchase fragrance in don't sell tester bottles. They sell pretty packaging. There are however online fragrance websites that do sell the bottles right along with the regular ones. Ebay fragrance vendors also have auctions where you can buy full size perfume tester bottles.


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