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Buy Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath Online

Updated on February 9, 2011

 Philosophy bath products have been around since 1996, when Cristina Carlino, a skin care expert with thirty years of experience, decided to launch a line of products that were both good for women’s skin and had sumptuous, indulgent scents.

Philosophy's Scrumptions Pink Frosted Layer Cake

One of Philosophy's best scents, 3-in-1 Pink Frosted Layer Cake has a warm vanilla cake smell with a hint of strawberry.
One of Philosophy's best scents, 3-in-1 Pink Frosted Layer Cake has a warm vanilla cake smell with a hint of strawberry.

Smell Delectable with Philosophy Shower Gels

Philosophy's Orange Almond Scone

Philosophy Orange Almond Scone will suit you to a "tea."
Philosophy Orange Almond Scone will suit you to a "tea."

Philosophy's Orange in Bloom is Subtle and Sweet

Philosophy's Orange in Bloom shower gel smells more flowery than fruity, but is a refreshing spring or summer scent.
Philosophy's Orange in Bloom shower gel smells more flowery than fruity, but is a refreshing spring or summer scent.

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Fast forward to 2010, when Philosophy has created literally hundreds of different scents—ranging from the sweet to the fruity to the fresh—of its signature product, the Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath. Philosophy puts out new scents for every season, while keeping old favorites on the shelves for its dedicated customers.

You’ll quickly learn to recognize the signature Philosophy 3-in-1 product—it’s in a squat, clear, 16-ounce bottle, with black round font. Each bottle also has a recipe to go along with the scent—for example, the very popular Philosophy Cinnamon Buns has a recipe for cinnamon buns on the front. Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath products cost $16 and do not (to my knowledge) go on special or sale unless the product has been discontinued.

While Philosophy touts that its 3-in-1 product can be used for Shampoo, Shower Gel, or Bubble Bath, I’ve found that it leaves my hair a little dry and lifeless—it just doesn’t have the conditioning properties necessary to make hair look its best. However, as a shower gel or bubble bath Philosophy products are sensational—a few capfuls in the bath makes towers of foaming, sweet-smelling bubbles, while it also makes a richly-foaming lather when used with a loofah. The scent of the product also doesn’t stay long on the skin, meaning that you can wear your favorite lotion or perfume without any scent-interference. I’ve also used it in a pinch in place of shaving cream, and it works for that as well.

It’s very hard to choose from the overwhelming amount of scents available from Philosophy, however, so here are a few of my favorites and not-so-favorites to help you decide.

Sweet Scents: The Good

My favorite Philosophy products are those that have the delectably warm smell of cakes, cookies, or other desserts. Most of the sweet Philosophy 3-in-1 products have a vanilla undertone, so if you don’t like vanilla, you’ll want to stay away from these (I personally love them!). I’ve also found that the chocolate-based Philosophy 3-in-1 products have a sickly-fake chocolate smell that is not enjoyable.

Crème Brulee

A relative newcomer to the Philosophy 3-in-1 scene, Philosophy’s Crème Brulee has notes of vanilla, creamy custard, and caramelized sugar. The smell is gentle, and the product itself is the rich caramel color of its namesake. It’s a good winter smell—you’ll feel warm and cozy in the shower with this one.

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns is a Philosophy 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath classic, with a devoted following. It’s so popular you can even get it in a 32-ounce bottle, which is reserved only for the best-of-the-best philosophy products. It smells just like your grandma’s homemade cinnamon rolls—warm cinnamon, a hint of vanilla, and sugar-sweet frosting.

Pink Frosted Layer Cake

Pink Layer Cake, after the sad discontinuation of my favorite Lavender Pound Cake (Philosophy, can you bring that back?), has become my go-to Philosophy scent in the 3-in-1 product line. The fun pink color is what initially drew me to the product, but the sweet, vanilla cake scent with just a subtle hint of strawberry is what made me purchase it. The Red Velvet Cake Philosophy scent, also discontinued but still available on Amazon, is a close second.

Orange Almond Scone

I love tea houses and their scrumptious scones, so when I saw this one I had to order it! It lives up to its name—the citrusy orange scent is tempered by the warm almond and vanilla notes, and it does smell like fresh scones. The orange scent also makes it a bit more refreshing in the morning than the other sweet scents.

Bananas Foster Ice Cream

Philosophy’s Bananas Foster Ice Cream has a strong banana smell with light hints of cream and brown sugar. The true bananas-foster scents of rum and caramel are missing, making the name a bit misleading—it could better be called Banana Split. However, it’s still a solid entry from Philosophy’s 3-in-1 products and a scent I’d use in the spring months.

Sweet Scents: The Bad

As I mentioned above, Philosophy’s chocolate scents leave much to be desired—the company just hasn’t captured that true chocolate smell. While other Philosophy users don’t seem to mind, the chocolate scents are just not appealing to me. To that end, I avoid Classic Fudge Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have also found the Strawberry Milkshake Philosophy scent to be a bit sickeningly sweet.

Fruity Scents: The Good

Philosophy’s Fruit Scents in the 3-in-1 product line come in second behind the sweet scents for me, but I have to say that I do enjoy them during the hot summer months. They’re crisp and refreshing and perk up my morning shower.

Orange in Bloom

Philosophy’s Orange in Bloom 3-in-1 is an exceptionally creamy product that smells more like the sweet flowers of orange blossoms than the actual fruit. It’s a good summer scent since it’s so fresh and light. If your hair doesn’t have moisture problems, it’s okay to use this one as a shampoo—the scent clings to your hair and you’ll leave behind an alluring, gentle scent.

Blushing Pink Grapefruit

I’m usually not a grapefruit fan, but I feel squeaky clean after I use this. Philosophy’s Blushing Pink Grapefruit has a vibrant, true grapefruit smell that’s a pick-me-up in the morning shower. Sometimes it smells a little bitter and harsh to me, but the scent wears off quickly. On the downside, this scent is not complex like Philosophy’s other 3-in-1 products—it smells like grapefruit, and that’s it, with no other notes of fragrance.

Senorita Margarita

This Philosophy product smells exactly as it promises—like a margarita. It has a gentle lime scent with a subtle tang of salt, and is a zesty and fresh happy hour in the shower.

Fruity Scents: The Bad

It’s hard for fruity scents to be bad, really—both fake and real fruit scents can be great. However, Philosophy missed the mark with their Juicy Pomegranate. It’s a little too tart and a bit “off,” scent-wise, though it lathers well.

Philosophy's Falling in Love is a Sexier, Sophisticated Scent

With notes of blackberry, musk, and flowers, Philosophy's Falling in Love is a more grown-up, sensual scent.
With notes of blackberry, musk, and flowers, Philosophy's Falling in Love is a more grown-up, sensual scent.


Fresh Scents: The Good

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a long-time Philosophy staple; it’s perfumey, girly scent can also be found in Philosophy’s perfume and body care products. Because of the multiple Amazing Grace products, it’s also one of the only scents you can layer, meaning it can last all day (and it’s a bit more mature than smelling like cake).

Falling in Love

This is one of the few Philosophy scents I would categorize as sexy—its combined notes of musk, blackberry, and floral are sophisticated and elegant. It also comes in perfume and lotion, and can be a signature scent just as Amazing Grace can.

Fresh Scents: The Bad

Lilac Blossom

Philosophy’s Lilac Blossom is actually a lilac bust—it isn’t reminiscent at all of the heady scent of lilacs, and instead is only subtly floral. The flowered bottle and light purple scent are enticing, but the product just doesn’t deliver.

Seasonal Philosophy Scents

Part of what makes Philosophy 3-in-1 products so fun is watching for seasonal and new scents. Philosophy puts out Halloween scents (in the past, this has included Black Licorice, Caramel Apple, and Pumpkin Spice Muffin), Valentine’s Day scents (Sweet on You, Candy Ribbons), Christmas Scents (Hot Apple Cider, Melting Marshmallow, and Gingerbread), and more. Philosophy products also come in themed gift sets so that you can get three small products to try instead of one big one. The 3-in-1 products make good gifts, as long as you generally know what type of scents the other person enjoys—just know that you’ll probably end up buying at least one bottle for yourself, as well.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my Pink Frosted Layer Cake bubble bath!


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