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Buy Shark Tooth Jewelry Online - Gold, Silver, Pewter Pendants, Rings and Earrings

Updated on December 3, 2012

There is a wonderful selection of shark jewelry you can buy online. Sharks have become an endangered species and anything we can do to raise awareness of their plight is a good thing. From cufflinks to necklaces, shark objects make beautiful jewelry that we can wear as a constant reminder of this much-maligned but amazing sea creature.

Shark jewelry also makes great gifts for sea-going people too. At the top of the oceanic food chain, the shark is much feared and respected by diver and mariner alike.

A lot of shark jewelry features the shark tooth, which historically symbolised good luck. In centuries past, sharks teeth found fossilized in rocks were believed to be the fossilized tongues of dragons and snakes, and noblemen and royalty wore them on neck-lets to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

This fashion fell by the wayside when those 'tongue-stones' were eventually identified as sharks teeth.

Gold shark tooth pendants or charms are weighty and gorgeous jewelry that is not only attractive to look at, but make a very valuable addition to anyone's jewelry box.

Gold is timeless. A gold shark tooth pendant would bring good luck to the owner.

All sharks shed their teeth naturally at a frequent rate. It is natures way of making sure they can always eat. The shark tooth is usually the only part of a shark to be fossilized.

The oldest fossilized shark tooth found dates back 450 million years.

Shark tooth fossils are found in sedimentary (soft) rock, on beaches, river beds, riverbanks and sand pits.

Kaoline and phosphate mines are great places too, to look for shark teeth. Currently, there is a healthy market in selling fossilized shark teeth as there are a growing and dedicated band of collectors.

No sharks were harmed in the making of this jewelry.

Shark earrings are among the more visible of the shark jewelry you can buy, especially if you have short hair.

Both of the products listed here are sterling silver making them hypo-allergenic to wear.

Shark earrings would make a great gift so someone with a special interest in sharks and all things marine.

Even to those without such an interest, shark earrings make a very attractive and unusual gift.

These amazing solid gold shark charms are absolutely beautiful. Sleek and powerful, the image of the shark conjures up visions of danger and power combined.

Sharks are nowhere near as dangerous as we imagine them to be. Even the so-called man-eaters rarely deliberately attack a human being.

We don't actually taste very nice to them, and our bones are hard to bite into.

Shark bites are usually caused by a mistaken belief on the shark's part that we are fish or something else that is edible to them.

Often a shark will bite then back off, realising its mistake.

Of course if we are unlucky enough to receive a fatal bite, the shark will return and eat us, because food is food even if its not all that palatable..

However, if we are just injured, the shark will stay away long enough to give us time to get out of the water.

That is the nature of the beast - they are scavengers too.

incredible shark pendant/charm
incredible shark pendant/charm

This is only a tiny sampling of the huge range of shark cufflinks, earrings, rings and other items of jewelry available through on Amazon. Simply click on one of the product links on this page to nip through and browse the aisles to your heart's content.

The beautiful Bejeweled Great White Shark Rhinestone Trinket Box is hand-crafted. Consisting of a cast metal base, it is hand-painted in blue and while enamel after being coated with solid gold plate.

It is then accented with gleaning Swarovski clear crystals with black crystals for the eyes.

A powerful magnet hold the box shut and it sits 4" x 2" by 1.25" high.

This would make a superb gift for any trinket box shark loving collector.

Bejeweled Great White Shark Rhinestone Trinket Box
Bejeweled Great White Shark Rhinestone Trinket Box

Forever Collectibles Animal Planet Shark Logo Bandz Bracelets

Join in the Bandz craze with those playful Forever Collectibles Animal Planet Shark Logo Bandz Bracelets.

These colorful Rubber Band Bracelets are made of non-toxic silicone and die molded in many different colors and fun shapes. Because they are made of 100% silicone they will return to their original shape and size when you take them off the item they're holding.

20 Bandz per pack in 4 different colors.


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