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Buy Sketchers Twinkle Toes Shoes Online

Updated on February 22, 2010

I am in my late 20s with no children, so I am definitely not on top of kid's trends, but I do love shoes. Thank goodness I have my little cousins to tell me what is hip and cool these days! Most of the little munchkins in my family are girls so they make sure to tell me all the new fashion trends hitting the streets.

I kept seeing them wear these new sparkly sneakers by Sketchers on their cute little feet full of colorful designs, little charms and a toe full of jewels. They are called Twinkle Toes and Shuffles and there are a ton of styles to choose from. Some of them are black, some are pink, some of them light up, but they all are fashionable and fun. For little princesses who like to sparkle, these shoes are a must have addition to any outfit!

Twinkle Toes Sneakers

Twinkle Toes sneakers have a signature toe full of jewels and a shoe full of fun, colorful designs sure to complement any little girl's outfit. The designs range from black, edgier designs with roses to pretty pale pink with butterflies, depending on your little girl's style.

A friend of mine had a daughter who went through a phase where she wouldn't wear sneakers because they didn't match her skirts - weren't girly enough. But, she couldn't let her daughter go out to play in patent leather church shoes. These sneakers would have been the perfect alternative because they are durable, but also sparkly and cute. My cousins like to wear them with skirts and tights, but they would work just as well for a tomboy who will only wear jeans - just make sure to get them the darker colors. No pink for tomboys!

Little Kid/Big Kid Shuffles

The Shuffle shoes come in every color and variety. The Gliterrazi are my personal favorite style because they come in lots of colors (I like black, but remember, I'm the 20-something, not the kid!) and have cool designs like peace signs and roses.The bright graphics on the canvas shoes and the frayed edges make a style statement paired with any outfit!

If you have ever tried to hurry a kid to school while trying to patiently watch them tie their shoes, you know that lacing up shoes can be a difficult task to learn. How frustrating it is for little ones to keep losing their loops, especially when they are in a hurry. The Shuffles are laceless, which is a great characteristic if you have little kids who are just learning to dress themselves. Or even your big kids that are lazy :) Especially good if you are sending your little one off to a slumber party so they can feel independent and put their own shoes on, instead of asking any parents for help.

Boots & Flip Flops

The Twinkle Toes style extends to weather-specific footwear from flip flops to boots. My little cousins just love the sparkly quality of these shoes and will wear them with everything from tights and leggings to jeans to skirts. These are definitely shoes that you will get every penny out of as your kids wear them until they fall apart.

What kid wouldn't love shoes that light up? Twinkle Toes also has a variety that lights up when the kids run or walk. Groovy Baby is a popular style of the light up version and they can be found at the link below.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      the one on the very front is not cool but i do like the pictures of the ones in the boxes but they are expeneve

    • profile image

      Ellie Butler 

      8 years ago

      They look really great i would like to know where you get them from so i can buy them they look better then any other pair of shoes i have seen!


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