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Great Gifts For Spa Lovers | Spa Shoes | Stocking Stuffers | Home Spa and More | Buy Online

Updated on March 21, 2016

Gift giving is a wonderful demonstration of how much you care and really appreciate that person. Giving a gift that is thoughtful and complete is what makes a gift great.

If you have female friend who has everything, spa shoes are the perfect gift. Spa gifts are the perfect romantic gifts for couples - look no further - spa days are indulgence - you two deserve it.

What are spa shoes? First a little background information. Many may argue - including myself, that the very best service at a full service salon or a day spa is the pedicure. Nothing is more relaxing and self indulgent than pampering your feet. After the pedicure, the nails need to dry. Most spas accommodate this process with what I will call industrial flip flops. These industrial flips flops are nothing more than flat pieces of plastic, sanitized between clients and used over and over again. As if that weren't bad enough, the industrial shoes are one size fits all. Argh!

Spa shoes on the other hand are sandals that provide for the nail bed to dry and yet, provide protection for the bottom of the sole of the foot. If you google spa shoes on the Internet, you will find cozy, shoes full enclosed. What you really want for the person who loves pedicure is an open toe shoe.

If your friend receiving the gift only indulges in massages, never pedicures, the cozy slippers that are fluffy and fully cover the toe might be the most appropriate gift.

If the lucky recipient of your gift loves pedicures, do allow for the nail bed to dry and provide an appropriate open toe sandal.

Journey with me with a little help from Barbie on the various choices available for those who love to be pampered at the hotel spa or the day spa. Great gifts including three terrific stuffing stuffers that are thoughtful and frugal are included also. Stay with us 'til the end and see the most poplar spa shoes - amazingly these shoes are not the open toe Crocs. See the shoes, colors, designs and videos too.

Happy shopping!

Barbie's Spa Set

Barbie's Spa Set - spa setting in dollhouse form with spa bathrobe and towels set against green / blue ceramic tile
Barbie's Spa Set - spa setting in dollhouse form with spa bathrobe and towels set against green / blue ceramic tile | Source

Barbie's Spa Set

Barbie's Spa Set
Barbie's Spa Set | Source
Barbie's Spa Set
Barbie's Spa Set

Spa Shoe Terms and Types

Spa shoes vary as widely as water shoes. There are cozy shoes made of cloth, there are comfortable plastic shoes that massage, there are slides and there even pedicure socks that keep the rest of your foot warm during your pedicure.

For little bit of a reference point in the world of shoe terms. Please find below of the most common terms in reference to women's shoes:

  • Open Toed Shoe...a type of shoe, often a sandal that allows the toes to show.
  • Closed Toe Shoe...a type of shoe that enclosed the toes.
  • Pumps...a "woman's shoe that has medium or high heels and no fastenings."
  • Mule Shoe... a"woman's shoe that has no fitting or strap around the heel".
  • Clog....a "type of shoe with an inflexible, often wooden sole and an open heel."
  • Toe Cleavage...."is the partial exposure of a woman's toes in shoes that are cut low enough at the vamp". The vamp is the top part of the shoe.

Within the world of spa shoes specifically, here are a few of the major types in detail:

Slippers...commonly associated with cozy. Made of comfortable material and easy to "slip" on and "slip" off.

Thong...not the under wear type, but the shoe. A slight variation on the flip flop, often in wedge style that adds some height and added elegance to the standard flip flop.

Flip Flop...the ever classic sandal. Open toe with a band between the big toe and the other toes.

Slide...another version of the open toe sandal, only the band is over the foot. Often the band is thin enough to allow the entire nail bed to be exposed.

So you think this list is pretty comprehensive?  Well we forgot one of the most popular shoes of recent times.  Not Uggs but open toe Crocs - yes, Crocs even have a version that is open toe sandal that will work well for a spa shoe.

The Terry Turban at the Spa

Within the days past, the turban hat made of terry cloth was part of the Barbie Doll spa wardrobe. Now what is most common is a simple cotton cloth wrapped around the head. For Barbie, however, the terry turban makes a great presentation for the spa gift set which of course includes slippers and a terry cloth bathrobe as fundamentals. Since spas are great with nails and hair, some of the sets include great new hairdos for Barbie too!

Barbie Room with pink and Barbie logo
Barbie Room with pink and Barbie logo | Source

Barbie Spa Tools

Barbie spa tools including the foot bath, slippers and more
Barbie spa tools including the foot bath, slippers and more | Source

The Spa Experience

The spa experience often includes a robe, spa slippers and a service. The spa service often is a massage or pedicure. One of the most popular spa services is the pedicure which is relaxing and healthy. The pedicure includes warm water and cuticle and callus removal in addition to fresh nail polish.

Two great gifts are the pedicure kits and the spa bath. Combine these together and you have everything you need for a true spa experience at home.

The Pedicure Kits

The pedicure kits include the callus remover, clippers, cuticle clipper, emery board and more. Remember, when buffing your nail bed to be thorough but gentle.

The Home Spa - The Spa Bath - The Foot Bath

The key item for any spa bath is the sanitizing. Just because you have a home spa bath doesn't exempt you from bacteria.

The foot bath will provide warm soothing water to help soften your skin and relax your body.

The foot bath doesn't have to cost an arm and leg to purchase. There are great foot baths under $40 and they even include the massager at that price point!

For me, there is nothing better than a warm foot bath. Follow it up with tender loving care for the toes and soles of the feet and you are assure to feel like a queen.

What a terrific treat for couples to give to one another.

Spa - Barbie Sytle

Miniature Barbie Doll Spa
Miniature Barbie Doll Spa | Source

Barbie Hot Tub

Barbie Hot Tub Set
Barbie Hot Tub Set | Source

Barbie Bathing Spa

Barbie Bathing Spa
Barbie Bathing Spa | Source

Hot Tubs and Saunas

If the pocketbook will allow, there is nothing quite like a home hot tub or sauna.  When we were moving, my husband thought I could give up my hot tub.  I knew and fully understood his love of massage.  If the checkbook allows, he would go for a weekly massage.  For me, I love, love, LOVE my hot tub.

So when the question of the hot tub arose and he thought he could talk me out of moving the hot tub, I simply replied I will give up my hot tub if you give up massages!  Lo and behold, there was never another word about my beloved hot tub.

As for home saunas, that remains a dream of my husband's.  He would jump at the chance to have a home sauna.

What is great about the saunas today, is you can buy them complete - minimal installation.  They have really made it simple and easy.

Barbie spa entrance with welcome / entry rug "Barbie Spa"
Barbie spa entrance with welcome / entry rug "Barbie Spa" | Source

Spa Shoes and Socks - Spa Treats for Home

Perhaps the most economical of all gifts is the spa shoes and spa socks. The pedi socks or soxs as the brand name calls them are great gifts for spa lovers. Before we delve into the shoes and socks. Let's check out great stocking stuffers for the feet that those shoes protect.

Top Three Stocking Stuffers for Spa Lovers - Pedi Sox | Callus Remover | Toe Separators

Great gifts for spa lovers for mimicking a real professional spa would include the tools of the trade. The callus remover, the toe separator and for those who are perpetually cold, the pedi socks that keep the toes exposed while providing warmth and comfort to those toes.

What is cool in the world of home spa tools is the electric callus remover.

Remember, everyone must take care of their feet. People with certain diseases such as diabetes, foot care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Our feet take allot of abuse, treat yourself, your friends, your special someone to extra care - create a spa at home and enjoy the smiles and miles and miles of memories.

Spa lovers love their feet and toes to be pampered. Now you can gather together all the tools of the trade together and package it for fun for the stocking stuffer!

If the home spa is not for your gift recipient, the pedi sock is sure to please. The pedi sock keeps the entire foot covered and warm with the exception of the toes. The toes are allowed to be buffed and polished and best yet, the socks allow the toes plenty of time to dry without the wearer getting cold.

What a great gift - pedi socks - check it out today!

Spa Shoes

Cozy Soft and Comfortable Spa Shoes and Slippers

One of the best gifts of my lifetime was the cozy pink slippers my husband gave me the first time I stayed over.  What a thoughtful present to make sure I was comfortable. The present came complete with a pink short cotton robe and very fluffy pink slippers - very similar to the photo below.

Cozy slippers come in every possible design style from slide which are open toed, to flip flops that are open toe to simple slides that are closed toe.  Of course, if a pedicure is on the horizon, the slipper of choice must be open toe.

Open Toe Fluffy Spa Slippers

Open Toe Fluffy Pink Spa Slippers from Zappos
Open Toe Fluffy Pink Spa Slippers from Zappos | Source

The Manufacture of Flip Flops

The Classic Spa Shoe Forever - The Flip Flop Shoe

Flip flops will forever be a classic shoe. The original spa shoe is the basic plastic/foam flip flop - one example is Clarks. Spas often hand out one size fits all spa shoe that is sanitized and used over and over again. These make ship flip flops get the job done but having your own pair that fits and is to your comfort level is a great gift.

Every wonder how flip flop and their many colors are made?  Check the video above for more details.

Pedi Sandals

Creations Pedi Couture Sandals / Slippers by Alan Stuart
Creations Pedi Couture Sandals / Slippers by Alan Stuart | Source

Other Versions of the Flip Flop Separating Couture and Massaging Soles - Great Spa Shoes

Here are two other takes on the classic flip flop. One is built with the toe separator right in the shoe. The other offers is a massaging sole.

Both would make a perfect gift for the spa lover.  Imagine getting a pedicure and feeling like a princess and then having the best shoes for the ending - a fairy tale come true.

Open Toe Spa Slippers

open toe spa slippers in coral
open toe spa slippers in coral
open toe purple spa slipper
open toe purple spa slipper | Source

Spa Shoe - Slides

Slides are simply practical and simple.  These shoes will last a long time.  Comfortable and simple to slip right on and off.  Great for the spa because these shoes showcase the toes.

One of the many options now available is an open toe slide made by Crocs.  Crocs has sold over 100 million shoes!  Amazing.  And now Crocs even has toning shoes.  Everything you could possibly dream of for a shoe - even spa shoes - Crocs carries.

Check out the various styles and brands.  Way too fun shopping.  Enjoy!  Oh, stay 'til the end, when I will share with you my personal favorite for color and style.  Perhaps the most popular spa shoe of all.  And the very end also includes videos to back up my claim.  I didn't want you to take my word on this - check out the videos too!


OKA b Spa Shoes

OKA b Spa Shoes in white with pink bow detailing the built in massage and comforable 1 3/4" heel
OKA b Spa Shoes in white with pink bow detailing the built in massage and comforable 1 3/4" heel | Source

OKA b Spa Shoes

Perhaps the most popular of all spa shoes right now is the OKA b spa shoe. These engineered shoes are durable and comfortable and practical. When they were first launched the styles and types and designs were very limited. This is no longer true but the more frilly shoes, you will have act fast. In fact, they have an entire line with names of each type - from Julia to Kristen and so on. Within each design are multiple colors and even the flower colors change.

The production and marketing videos are provided below for your convenience.

My personal favorite is the style called Madison - in the slide - in size 7 please!  Just joking - but of course!

Shopping Tip: If you prefer white or pink or with bows, do not delay if you find the size that you need. These will not last!

OKA b Spa Shoes

various colors of OKA b spa shoes
various colors of OKA b spa shoes | Source
spa shoes by OKA b
spa shoes by OKA b

OKA b - Shoes That Love You

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