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Buy Bulk Tanning Lotion Packets Cheap

Updated on October 15, 2010

If you have ever been indoor tanning you know how important it is to use a quality indoor tanning lotion to help speed up the process of getting that bronzed look while basking in the heat of the tanning lamps.

Not only does indoor tanning lotion help your skin to tan faster, it also adds moisturizers and many of the tanning creams contain anti-aging ingridients to help the skin stay younger looking to reduce the undesireable effects on the skin that tanning can create.

So you know you need the tanning lotion. You know what it does. But which one do you choose? At the Salon, they want to charge $40 to $60 for a bottle of indoor tanning lotion. This is ridiculous since you can buy the same stuff on ebay. Many times for half the price. But there is a secret to getting an even better deal. Tanning lotion samples.

cheap tanning lotion samples
cheap tanning lotion samples

Tanning Lotion Samples!!!

Tanning salons often offer tanning lotion samples for sale. This way users can try out different lotions to see which one they like best. Some tanners believe that you can get an even better tan if you constantly are changing the tanning lotion you are using. These are the types that only buy tanning lotion samples. Generally the tanning salons will charge $4 to $8. Rarely do they offer them free unless you just bought a moderately priced tanning package. That is crazy for a one time use sample. Your tanning session only should have cost a little more then that.

While I am a big fan of the Matahari line of tanning lotions, I do like to try out others on occasion. I've found that shopping on Ebay, I can get crazy amazing deals on tanning lotion packets. Many times the price is so low that it is only a fraction of the cost of a full bottle of tanning lotion and you get so much more and so much variety.

What Is A Good Price For Tanning Lotion Packets

Generally, full size bottles of the lotions are about 8 to 10 ounces and run anywhere from $15 for low end lotions to $40 for popular designer lotions on Ebay. Single use tanning lotion packets are about .5 to .7 ounces. A full size bottle will have anywhere from 15 to 20 uses if you are using the same amount of lotion that comes in a sample packet.

Keeping this in mind, Paying $1 to $2 per packet would be about the same as buying a full size bottle. To get the best deal, look for auctions that have 10 to 20 packets for the best deal. Many times A 10 packet mixed lot auction priced under $10 is not only going to be cheaper then buying a full size bottle of quality tanning cream, it will give you the chance to try out many different lotions and test out the theory that using different creams develops a better tan. Premium tanning lotion auctions priced under $30 will also be a very good deal.


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