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Buy Teva shoes in Australia at low U.S prices

Updated on May 12, 2012

For anyone who loves getting outdoors, one shoe brand that stands out from the pack is Teva.

Designed to be as happy in the water as they are on land, Teva shoes and sandals are the perfect shoe for those who wish to experience the wilderness in comfort.

The Teva shoe brand has its origins in the Grand Canyon where a guide on the Colorado River overcame his frustration of not being able to find a shoe to use while rafting by designing his own footwear. Designed to combine the best elements of regular shoes and flip flops, his shoes soon attracted the attention of other rafters and he started the Teva shoe company not long after.

Teva now produces a wide range of footwear that ranges from ‘aqua sandals’ through to fully enclosure shoes and boots. Many styles incorporate lightweight and fast drying materials as well as Vibram soles which offer supreme grip even in the wet.

With a strong and expanding following around the globe it can be annoying that buying Teva shoes in Australia, Canada and most other countries outside of the U.S can be expensive – particularly when you compare the local prices to those charged in U.S stores and online.

However the good news is that there are now online retailers such as (part of the family) who now delivery worldwide for free when you spend over a certain amount, meaning that people worldwide can buy the shoes they want at prices that are much more reasonable than those seen in their local shoe stores. This can result savings of as much as 50%.

Buying online also has the added benefit of offering a much wider choice of style, colour and size compared to regular stores. As an example there are currently more than 200 different styles of Teva shoes for men, women and kids on offer – compared to perhaps 20-30 styles in most regular shoe stores.

With shoes and sandals that are prefect for rafting, hiking, canyoneering or just everyday use, Teva has developed into a footwear brand with appeal to a wide range of people. And with low pricing and free delivery no available to most geographic locations around the world there is little doubt that the Teva shoes fan base will continue to grow.


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