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Buy Youstar long sleeve Hoodie - YouStar Clothing

Updated on March 26, 2011

YouStar Long Sleeve Hoodie sizing

I recently acquired a couple of Youstar long Sleeve Hoodies as gifts. They are little outside my norm for hooded sweatshirt wear, but this is precisely why I enjoy wearing them so much.

If you do any research into the company the majority of the questions relate to sizing issues. The YouStar clothing line follows euro sizing standards but seems to run a bit on the smaller size. Part of this limitation stems from the syle, a form fitting tailored effect, but possibly also from its Korean roots.

But dont get confused, dont make any considerations about quality because of its country of origin. This is not a sweatshop created low quality item. These are finely tailored pieces of functional fashion! Many buyers equate the quality on par with H&M, at a significant price differential.

YouStar Hoodie : Where to Buy?

The YouStar hoodies are available at your local street vendor, NYC, LA, San Francisco, just travel around and check through the piles, if your lucky you can find them at $30.00 USD a piece or perhaps 2 for $50.00

Otherwise, this is an eBay item. A couple of sellers are competing pretty hard on launching this fun clothing line and as a result some great prices can be found and many low ball best offers are being accepted!

It really seems that anyone used to a more baggy american style fit, should aim for a size that is 2 sizes up from their regular fitting. Most of these sellers have very detailed measurement scales for getting a good fit from the YouStar long sleeve hoodie.

Every seller I looked over pointed this out clearly and pointed out that it is tailored fir best described as "slim" This is a great looking hoodie for those with the build to pull it off.

Double Zip up Hoodie by YouStar

Now this is a sweet and unique styled hoodie, traditional zip up front, with a separate zip up option for the hood.

Styled and fitted, yet is a very basic hoody, all things considered

                               ur dSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNu "*Nu                      
                             dSSS "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSe."Sc                    
                         uSSc   ""   ^"^**SSSSSSSSSSSSSb.^R:                  
                       zSS#"""           `!?SSSSSSSSSSSSSN.^                  
                     .SP                   ~!RSSSSSSSSSSSSSb                  
                    xSF                 **Sb. '"R).SSSSSSSSSS                 
                   J^"                           #SSSSSSSSSSSS.               
                  zSe                      ..      "**SSSSSSSSS               
                 :SP           .        .SSSSSb.    ..  "  #SSSS              
                 SS            L          ^*SSSSb   "      4SSSSL             
                4SS            ^u    .eSSSSe."*SSSN.       @SSSSS             
                SSE            dSSSSSSSSSSSSSSL "SSSSS  mu SSSSSSF            
                SS&            SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSN   "#* * ?SSSSSSSN            
                SSF            'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSbec...zS SSSSSSSS            
               'SSF             `SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 'SSSSE"S            
                SS                  ^""""""`       ^"*SSS& 9SSSSN             
                k  uS                                  "SS. "SSP r            
                4SSSSL                                   "S. eeeR             
                 SSSSSk                                   'Se. .@             
                 3SSSSSb                                   'SSSS              
                  SSSSSS                                    3SS"              
                   SSSSS  dc                                4SF               
                    RF** <SS                                J"                
                     #bueSSSLJSSSNc.                        "                 
                S. .S S~S S~S ~S~  S  S    S S S~S S. .S S~S  S  ~S~          
                SS SS S S S S  S  S.S S    SS  S S SS SS S.S S.S  S           
                S`S'S S S S~k  S  S~S S    SS  S S S`S'S S S S~S  S           
                S S S SoS S S  S  S S Soo  S S SoS S S S SoS S S  S   


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