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Buy a formal/prom dress to suit your body shape.

Updated on February 6, 2010

How to buy a formal/prom dress to best suit your body

These dresses will definitely make you stand out! So now that that's taken care of, the next step is to choose a prom/ formal dress that will best compliment the shape of your body and skin tone.

Your body shape..

Pear- The pear body shape will literally resemble a typical pear, being smaller on top, and having large rounded hips and booty.

The style of this dress is perfect for pear body shapes. The sash around the waist of this dress will emphasize one of the typically best features of the pear body shape, -the small waist. The skirt of the dress will balance and compliment the largeness of your hips and booty.

This particular dress comes in many colors, including Black,red, white, ivory, gold, green and pink. So there is one that is right for every pear shaped body.

Red and Gold will best suit dark hair and dark skin. White, ivory, and pink will best suit light hair and light skin. While black, and green are the most versatile colors of this particular dress.

Hair worn down with this dress will look best, as opposed to wearing your hair up, and it will be easy to match jewelry with the dress as the design is relatively simple.

Column- The column body shape will be more or less, straight up and down. An almost boyish figure.

This dress will add dimension to your body, making you look curvier. This dress will best suit a glamorous hair style, such as curled into ringlets, some up and some down.

The dress comes in blue, red, champagne, purple, green, brown, burgundy, silver, black and deep orange.

Deeper and richer colors will best compliment medium- dark skin tones, while lighter and softer colors will best suit lighter skin tones.

Jewelry should be minimal when worn with this dress, as it is quite detailed. Small and delicate like jewelry will go best with this dress, rather than large chunky jewelry.

Apple- The apple body type will have a larger and rounded stomach, large bust, and usually long legs.

This dress will completely disguise the width of your girth. What to look for in a dress is you have an apple shaped body, is a dress that is not tight around the waist, preferably tight just under the bust, and skirting out from there.

If you are an apple shape, your best bodily assets will be your legs and bust. But you don't want to show them both off completely, at once, as this is a bit too much and can make you look a tad skanky. This dress is very detailed around the bust, and rightfully so the dress will show a bit of leg, but not too much.

This dress will suit hair worn either up or down, and either simple but sparkly gold or silver jewelry.

Hour glass- Hourglass body shapes will have broad shoulders and hips, and a small waist. Other features widely vary with the hour glass body shape.

The best bodily asset of an hour glass shaped body, is the overall shape of the body itself. This dress does well to emphasize the shape of an hour glass body. So what to look for in a dress, is that it is tight fitting.

This dress comes in pink, fuchsia, yellow, gold, green and blue. Because most of the tones of the colors of this dress are muted, most will suit most.

Simple and feminine jewelry will work well with this dress, as will either an up or down hairstyle.


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    • RedSelassie profile image

      Sharif Selassie 2 years ago

      Hey marcel, long time no hear mi gyal, hope all is well, lemme kno ow yuh af been over all this time

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Beautiful dresses and a good hub!