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Buying The Best South Sea Pearl Earrings

Updated on November 16, 2009
South Sea golden pearl and diamond earrings
South Sea golden pearl and diamond earrings

About South Sea Pearls

If you are looking to add to your jewellery collection, a set of south sea pearl earrings will look beautiful with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion.

They can come in different sizes and colours and are also the perfect thing to give as a present to a loved one especially when bought together with a lovely single pearl necklace.

The south sea pearl is mainly found in the Indian and PacificOceans and is usually cultured in Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia.

The pearl is produced by the Pinctada maxima mollusc oyster and when harvested, the size of the pearl ranges from 9mm to 20mm.

South sea pearl stud earrings
South sea pearl stud earrings

14k Yellow Gold 9-10mm South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings

This is a pear of earrings that feature two large south sea pearls. They are between 9 – 10mm in diameter and are set on 14 karat yellow gold posts.

The fastening that you use to attach the earring onto your earlobe is also made of 14 karat yellow gold.

An elegant set of earrings that would be perfect as a wedding gift.

South Sea golden pearl earrings
South Sea golden pearl earrings

Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings - 12 - 13mm AAA

South sea pearls come in all shapes and colors and this is another example. These golden south sea pearls have a deep silky luster. The gold posts and fastenings compliment the whole look and this color will suit all skin tones.

As you can see from the price range, this is an item of the highest quality and should be seen as an investment that can be handed to the next generation in your family. What a beautiful legacy for any daughter or granddaughter to receive.

Pearl drop earrings with diamonds
Pearl drop earrings with diamonds

South Sea Golden Pearl Earrings with Diamond in 14K Yellow Gold

This is a twist on the traditional pearl earrings. 

This pair also incorporates sparkling diamonds within the design. 

These drop earrings consist of a golden pearl suspended off a yellow gold post, with a single diamond set just above it.  This is definitely the earrings for you if you like a little swing in your jewelry.

South sea pearl dangle earrings with diamonds
South sea pearl dangle earrings with diamonds

South Sea White Pearl Earrings with Diamond in 14K White Gold

If you prefer to wear drop earrings, you might like the look of these south sea dangle earrings.

They consist of 14 karat white gold from which two beautiful white south sea pearls fall as well as incorporating stunning 194 faceted round diamonds.

A beautiful pair of earrings to wear for very special occasion.  Any woman would be over the moon to receive these as a gift from a loved one.

Black Tahitian pearl earrings
Black Tahitian pearl earrings

Black Tahitian south sea cultured pearl earring studs

If you would like to try something different with your jewelry, you should think about buying a pair of black Tahitian south sea pearl stud earrings.

These are cultured and produced from French Polynesia and add a certain exotic glamor due to the color. There are actually a range of colors to choose from. You could opt for these black ones or choose gray, eggplant, emerald or dark black.

These stud earrings are set on a choice 14 karat white or yellow gold and are of the highest quality available.


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