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Bridal Checklist

Updated on June 6, 2018
Wedding ringbearer pillow
Wedding ringbearer pillow | Source

Just Call Me a Romantic

The most romantic day of your entire life is your Wedding Day. All the planning and dreaming, and sleepless nights will be worth it when you walk down the aisle. No matter how stressed and over worked you become no matter how many problems and bumps in the road you encounter,your wedding day somehow works out to be just what you wanted. Everyone approaches their special day in a different way. Some are, as I said before, stressed and aggravated. Some take it in stride and enjoy the journey to the end. Any way you handle it most of us can agree that it is the most important day you have had since birth.

You invest hours and hours of planning all of those little details. One of those details, not a little one, is finding just the right dress. The cost of a wedding dress can be breathtakingly high. I went running around the Internet looking at different websites looking for one that offered beauty and thrift. I found a few that offered a great selection along with an acceptable price range. After all, we spend a ton of money on that one special day, any help we have saving a little is appreciated. It is so important to have just the right dress. After all, all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle. Relax, you will be the most beautiful person in the room. A bride always has that special glow. Happy shopping!

Wedding invitation
Wedding invitation | Source

Bride's Checklist

12 – 18 months

  • Purchase Engagement Rings
  • Take Engagement Photos
  • Send Engagement Announcement to Newspaper
  • Send Engagement Announcement by email to friends
  • Set Wedding Budget
  • Set Wedding Date
  • Decide type of Wedding ( Informal or Formal)
  • Interview Wedding Consultants
  • Determine number of guest to be invited
  • Select Ceremony Site
  • Select Reception Site
  • Choose Caterer
  • Choose Photographer
  • Choose Videographer

6 – 12 months

  • Final Selection on Wedding Rings
  • Open joint bank accounts
  • Choose and order Wedding Gown
  • Reserve Limousine/ Wedding Transportation
  • Choose color theme for wedding
  • Choose bridal party
  • Select Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Plan details of decorations ( Balloons, Flowers)
  • Select Florist
  • Select Musicians ( Live Band, DJ, Harpist)
  • Select Officiant (Pastor, Judge) for wedding ceremony
  • Select Hair & Make-up Artist
  • Shop for Trousseau & Going away attire
  • Select Baker (Wedding Cake)

4 – 6 months

  • Consult with Attorneys ( Prenuptial Agreement and other legal matters)
  • Select Bridal Registry items
  • Select Music for Wedding Ceremony and Reception
  • Reserve rental equipment if needed
  • Prepare accommodations for Out of Town Guest
  • Plan Bridal Shower Party
  • Plan Bridesmaid luncheon
  • Purchase Veil and Bridal Accessories
  • Purchase gifts for Bridal Party
  • Make appointment for practice session for Hair & Make-up
  • Order Wedding Favors
  • Review plans for Wedding Ceremony & Reception
  • Have Mothers choose their own dresses
  • Make Honeymoon Plans

2 – 3 months

  • Pick-up wedding rings – make sure they fit and are engraved correctly
  • If changing your name – Order name change kit
  • Update Immunization for out of country travel, if necessary
  • Send out Invitations to Out of Town Guest
  • Make out a photographer ‘s Checklist
  • Purchase Gifts for each other
  • Apply for Marriage License
  • Address & Send out Invitations
  • Select & Coordinate Wedding Ceremony Program
  • Appoint Guest book Attendants for Wedding Ceremony & Reception
  • Confirm Out of Town Guest accommodations
  • Get Your Hair Trimmed
  • Confirm & Finalize details with Florist
  • Confirm Rehearsal Program Officiant
  • Confirm Guest count with Caterer/Restaurant
  • Final Fitting for Bridesmaids Dresses & Wedding Gown
  • Have Groom Select Tux Styles for Groomsmen & Fathers
  • Finalize Wedding Day Schedule (Itinerary)
  • Confirm Transportation Schedule
  • Reserve restaurant for rehearsal dinner
  • Change mailing address if moving
  • Review Checklist for Wedding Day Ceremony & Reception
  • Make reservations for Bridesmaids luncheon
  • Complete Trousseau shopping

1 Month

  • Call guests that have not yet RSVP'd
  • Confirm honeymoon plans & pick-up airline tickets
  • Assign Wedding day helpers
  • Keep track of gifts received and start on thank you notes
  • Arrange for a professional to preserve and heirloom your Gown & Bouquet
  • Pick-up Bridesmaids Dresses & Wedding Gown (Already Pressed)
  • Start seating arrangement & prepare seating name cards
  • Confirm final details with Florist
  • Confirm final details with Photographer
  • Confirm final details with Officiant
  • Confirm final details with Videographer
  • Confirm final details with Baker
  • Confirm final details with Restaurant/Caterer
  • Confirm final details with Coordinator
  • Confirm final details for Wedding Transportation
  • Confirm final details with Bridal party
  • Confirm final details with Wedding Helpers
  • Confirm final details with Rental Equipment Company
  • Confirm final details with Musicians
  • Double Check Attire and Accessories for Bridal Party & Yourself
  • Confirm schedule for Hair & Make-up Artist
  • Plan and create Wedding Day Itinerary

1 Week


  • Final Guest count with Caterer/Restaurant
  • Arrange for Postal Office to hold or forward your email during your honeymoon
  • Relax – take a long leisurely bath
  • Re-confirm with Travel Agent or Airlines
  • Review all seating arrangement with ushers and helpers
  • Pack for Honeymoon Trip
  • Arrange for Bridal Party, Parents & Family and Photographer and Videographer to all meet at a designated location (when taking pictures prior to the Wedding ceremony)

1 – 2 Days

  • Get a Manicure & Pedicure
  • Get a Massage
  • Attend Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
  • Have Groom or Best man Pick-up Rental Tux for Groomsmen
  • Prepare Final payment in individual envelopes for each Professional

Wedding Day

  • Nice long bath or shower - Relax
  • Go to Hair & Make-up appointment
  • Get Dressed
  • Have Fun – It’s your Wedding Day!

    Note: This bridal checklist is heavily based on checklist by American Bride.


Davids Bridal

This is a terrific website. They have a wonderful selection, an extremely affordable price range and beautiful gowns. On top of all of that, they offer free shipping on gown and accessories totaling over $125.00. Their Bridal Looks Selections are:Forever Timeless, Classic with a Twist, Destination Beautiful, Cocktail Chic and Casual yet Elegant. There's a style for everyone. The cost of these gowns range from $99.00 to $449.00. You can't beat the price. They also have sizes ranging from 0 - 26 and are typically available in white or ivory.

For the Bridesmaid dresses style categories they offer: Pleasing pleats, short and Sweet, Uptown Attitude, Simply Chic and Effortlessly Elegant. They are available in 11 different colors and come in a range of sizes from 0 - 26. Their prices start at $59.00.

Mothers-of-the-Bride has a very nice selection of gowns to choose from beginning at $59.00 They come in a delightful range of colors and are available in sizes 6 - 16.

Junior Bridesmaid gowns are also available on this website. The price of the gowns for the Junior Bridesmaids begin at $59.00 and the sizes range from 6 - 18. Some of the gowns are available in as many as 40 colors.

Flower Girl dresses start at $39.00 and are available in size 2T - 14 girls. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

David's Bridals have an amazing array of accessories. Some of the gowns have matching headpieces, shoes, gloves and flower baskets available. Their list of accessories available are: shoes, veils, headpieces, lingerie, jewelry, handbags, gloves, wraps, and sashes. They also have available: invitations, wedding programs, table cards, favors, and wedding party gifts. I guess you could call this website a one-stop-shop.

Wedding dress
Wedding dress | Source


This is a truly amazing website. There are wedding gowns available from over 100 well-known designers. All of the gowns available on this website are sample gowns or overstock. You save hundreds of dollars on each and every gown. The gowns are available in various sizes and styles. Most times they are available in one size only. The styles most typically available are: 2 piece, A-line, Full Skirt, Jackets, Mermaid, Sheath, and Short. It is well worth the time to stop at this website. The gowns are all designer and the markdown is truly amazing.

Bridal gown
Bridal gown | Source

Honeys Bridal

This website offers a very versified selection of Bridal Gowns. Their prices start at the low to mid $100.00 range. The wedding gowns are available in ivory, champagne and white. They have a great selection of styles including: Princess/A-line, Ballgown, Mermaid, Column, Empire and Beach Wedding Dresses. The Beach Wedding Dress categories is a new one for me. They also have a good range of sizes, 4 - 28. They have many gowns to choose from, each one prettier than the next.

Their Bridesmaids gowns begin at $100.00 and are also available in sizes 4 - 28. They have a diversified selection of color choices including: black, blue, brown, burgundy, champagne, chocolate, gold, grape, green, hunter, ivory, lavender, light slate gray, lilac, pink, red, royal blue, sage, silver and white. These gowns come in the same styles as the wedding gowns.

Mother-of-the-Bride gown prices begin just under $100.00. They come in the same styles as the brides gowns and same colors selection as the bridesmaid gowns.

Flower Girl dresses are available in sizes 2T - 14. They are available in champagne, ivory and white and come in the A-line style.

This website offers a few accessories including: jacket, underskirt, gloves, tiaras and veils.

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet | Source

Last But Not Least....

Amazon and eBay have, as always a great selection of gowns to choose from. Not to mention the array of accessories. And as always they have great prices.

No one want to be pinching pennies on their wedding but with deals like you will find on these website you will feel you have bought top of the line. Actually, you will be buying top of the line. If you can buy the best for less it would be silly not to.

© 2010 Susan Hazelton


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