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How should black women take care of their natural hair

Updated on May 2, 2012

How women should take care of their hair(in this case, i am refering to both relaxed and non relaxed hair)

A year ago, albeit I would not be writing on this topic; not because I don’t like my natural hair but because I feel that as a black woman, our hair is so difficult to manage so we should enjoy the use of hair extension or various artificial hair. My hair is usually very short, thick and with little or no growth at the frontline. I decided to experiment with my hair and found out that black woman's hair can actually grow and look healthy.


  1. Do not apply oil/grease directly to scalp without first applying a moisturiser; the oil may block the hair pores and lead to alopecia or hair loss.
  2. On no condition should you relax or retouch your hair more than four to two times a year depending on the hair length. I used to retouch my hair twice a month ignoring the advice on the relaxer, unfortunately my hair constantly breaks. In getting the best results from relaxer, make sure you follow the procedure on the products and always apply to the new growth hair instead of the hair ends.
  3. Avoid the excessive use of hair dryer or any other hair heating appliances: they damage the hair, if you have to use them, apply heat protector to keep your hair from breaking.
  4. Hair extensions and artificial hair are gorgeous when applied on woman hair, but excessive use of this products prevent your own hair from breathing, thereby retard your hair growths. Sometimes, you can plait your natural hair and put on wig for a change.


1. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly at least twice a week to retain its moisture because black hair is usually very dry. The best way to wash your is by diluting 50% shampoo plus 50% warm water and pouring it over your hair to reduce its thickness. Gently massaging the hair without tangling the length, rub your scalp gently because this will reawaken the hair follicles. There are lot of shampoo in the market that are suitable for dry hair but check for the ones without alcohol because alcohol dries the hair easily.

2. Use protein reconstructor once a month or after each retouching because it makes a healthier hair. Aphogee reconstructor is a product for dry hair types.

3. Most black hair are usually dry so daily use of moisturizer is advisable; avoid moisturiser that contain petroleum jelly, mineral oil or petrolatum. Apply little water on your hair before you apply any moisturiser, I will recommend dark and lovely moisture plus olive oil (oil moisturiser and ultra repairing cream), I use it and is been working for me, you can try others that are good for dry hair. When a water base moisturiser is used, applies little oil (olive, avocado) on the hair to seal the moisture into the hair shaft and gives the hair the shine.

4. Do comb your hair with a wide toothed comb to prevent it from breaking. Combing hair from roots to end till it detangles breaks the hair, never comb hair from roots to the ends until the whole hair is tangle free.

5. Water is good to hair so consume at least two litre of water a day, go natural by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables; they are source of vitamins to the skin and hair. You can also take multivitamin as a substitute to natural vitamins.

6. Invest in a good wig, as you can wear this on days you don’t feel like styling your hair. Reduce the excess use of glue on hair, so buy wigs with clip.( you can also do cornrow on your hair before you put on a wig.

Tips; just keep in mind that, your hair is your crown and so keep it well. Do what you think suit your personality. Always make your hair look tidy because that is usually the first part that is most noticeable from your whole appearance.


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      Elizabeth 5 years ago


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      revbrian3 7 years ago

      its not your hair people are looking at but may you are right what would i know about this?

      Grace will cover us only for a little while longer.

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      Lola Oyedotun-Balogun 7 years ago from Calgary

      @Celebrity4Africa and lucy, you are welcome

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      Lucy 7 years ago

      Thanks for the tips.

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      celeBritys4africA 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Great tips.