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Calvin Klein Euphoria

Updated on September 16, 2015

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Do you want to buy Calvin Klein Euphoria or are you looking for product information? Calvin Klein Euphoria was introduced on the perfume scene in 2005. Since the launch of the Euphoria perfume, it has quickly climbed the ranks as one of the most popular fragrances on the market. So what’s the meaning behind the fragrance? Calvin Klein Euphoria is meant to be just as it is titled – a feeling of happiness. The scent was created with notes to add up to a fragrance that gives the user and people around her an evoked feeling of satisfaction and allure. Like other famous scents by the creator, Calvin Klein Euphoria is a unique scent that appeals to most women – price and product satisfaction make this perfume a keeper.

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Calvin Klein Euphoria: The Fragrance

The top notes that make up Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume are pomegranate, persimmon, and lush green accord. As the scent lingers down, the middle notes work their way in – black orchid, lotus blossom and champaca flower. The final or base notes that finalize the perfume are liquid amber, cream accord, black violet and mahogany wood.

In summer months, users can expect the Euphoria perfume to last all day, as it has great silage. In winter months, the scent may need to be touched up after about five to seven hours.

So when is a good time to wear Calvin Klein Euphoria? Calvin Klein Euphoria can be worn for both day and night time use; however, women may consider using it as her night time signature scent.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Commercial


Calvin Klein Euphoria comes in a deep purple colored box.

Euphoria is printed in white lettering on the top right hand corner while Calvin Klein is printed on the bottom left corner on the front of the box.

The bottle of the Euphoria perfume is silver-chrome like in coloring.

The bottle also resembles a mirror finish and was designed by the scent creator and Fabien Baron.

The bottle of the Euphoria perfume can be described in appearance as an oval shape with pointed sides.

The cap is long and rectangular – thus, giving the entire bottle design a unique appearance.

Calvin Klein Euphoria is a mesmerizing fragrance.
Calvin Klein Euphoria is a mesmerizing fragrance.

Calvin Klein Euphoria: Scent Description

Euphoria perfume can be described as:

A very feminine fragrance that has a vanilla, yet powder like aroma.

Hints of flowers are present, as well as sweetness to the scent.

The scent isn’t meant to be classy like Chanel products, Calvin Klein Euphoria is meant to be playful, mysterious and sexy all wrapped up in placed in a sleek bottle.

Enjoy this popular fragrance daily for your signature scent.


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