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Camel Coats | Camel Clothing For People

Updated on August 18, 2010

Camel coats aren't coats for camels, they're for people who want to wear beige and can't handle admitting to themselves that they're wearing beige.

Vogue says camel is in however, and Vogue freakin' outranks me by a million fashion points, so if Vogue says we all have to wear turbans and diapers, then I guess I'll tell you all to wear turbans and diapers because actually having an opinion about things makes you a bad person.

I'm kidding of course.

The camel coat in the model in the picture actually manages to make the model look bulky. That's someone who starves herself professionally actually looking fat in clothing. Clothing is supposed to make you look good, so I'd say you probably shouldn't buy the coat in the picture. It's by Chloe. So you know, don't buy that coat. But you could buy another coat that was also kind of beige colored but didn't make you look as if you were in the act of smuggling arms to a small African nation.

Camel coats are timeless, stylish and probably worn by the gods. That's how epic they are. According to Vogue, they'll go with anything. Anything at all. Like a blue tutu and moonboots, or a Tigger costume.

A camel coat can be made by anyone, from the highest end fashion designer to your mad aunt May. The one made by your mad aunt May is probably the better option because it will be authentic.

Authenticity is a word that's thrown around a lot in the fashion world and ironically it's usually used to mean the exact opposite of its dictionary meaning. True fashion authenticity ideally means wearing clothing that has some sort of real significance to you, preferably it will be a garment sewn lovingly for you by a young initiate who was going to become a nun but later decided to make you clothes out of curtains and marry your father and add to your existing family of seven.

So, long story short, camel coats are good fashion choices because they are calm and plain and beige and beige goes with everything so you'll never have to worry about the fact that your coat doesn't go with your outfit. If you wear them with things that are black, like boots, then you'll cut a very classically stylish figure as you walk down the street, into your office or even just around your home for practice.

If you can't be bothered buying several coats for several occasions, a camel coat will do most all of them and serve you well, like a dromedary, except warmer.


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