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Camel Shoes?

Updated on January 13, 2010
Walk a mile in my shoes babe.
Walk a mile in my shoes babe.

If you follow me, by now you know my life is boring. So here I was looking around Hub Pages. I went to the Idea Bank, and camel shoes popped out at me. Who knew camels wore shoes? Who knew someone would want a post about it. Well, whomever you are, read on!

I guess the first thing you need to do is take your camel shopping. I'd stay away from the pet stores. Sure the sell shoes for dogs and cats, but I think a camel is too exotic for them. You're best bet is to make sure you visit the super mall near where you live.

Upon entering the shoe store, you may want to get the camel's feet measured. I'd pay close attention to the width of the foot. You may have to get an extra wide shoe.

Next you'll have to decide what style shoe to get. Obviously you're not going for heels. Chances are your camel has a job. I'd go for something stylish, yet functional. Since your camel is a desert dweller, I'd pay close attention to air flow. You don't want those stinky feet coming home every night. You may want to lean towards a sandal.

Your camel's been sized and the shoes are on.Have the camel walk around a little. Make sure there is no rubbing. Last thing you need is a camel with blisters. Look into the camel's eyes as he walks around. Any signs of pain? No? Then you are good to go.

Be prepared to pay a lot for these shoes. After all there are four of then. That's twice the price of your shoes. Let your camel wear his shoes home. I'm sure he will be proud in showing them off to the other camels.

Word of warning, if your camel is a youngster, you may want to go to a place specializing in children shoes. Proper foot care at a young age will be beneficial later.

So there you go anonymous person who wanted a hub on Camel Shoes. Hope this helps you in your quest of knowledge.

Does your camel wear shoes?

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      zayn malik 6 years ago

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