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7 Tips To Surviving the Corporate World With Dreadlocks

Updated on July 15, 2014

Many people in the corporate world may think of dreadlocks as a taboo or they may not know anything at all about it. Now in the 21st century dreadlocks have become so popular in the media and in many ways they are socially acceptable. However, I cannot quite say the same thing for many employers, for dreadlocks may not be 100% acceptable in the workplace today. There are some exceptions to the rules and that is if you have the brains, you're hardworking, and you have leadership skills that outshines any other employee in your company and then dreadlocks may not even be a problem at all.

Here are a fews tips to surviving a career job with dreadlocks:

1.) Be professional. Being professional goes without saying at the workplace. Whether you have long, short, straight or curly hair professionalism on the job is so important. If you don't have a business mind and you're not able to conduct yourself with sophistication then you shouldn't consider a career job. Having the knowledge, expertise, and civility goes a long way and that will help you to survive well in corporate.

2.) Dress well. Dress well and don't show up to work looking like you just rolled out of bed. In my opinion this tip is very important because it leaves a lasting impression to not only you fellow coworkers and employer but how you dress shows your customers or clients that you are serious about your job. Play the part and look like the executives and the top earners of your company and you will definitely grab positive attention from your boss and coworkers.

3.) Be on time. Be on time to work and you won't have to worry about finding a new job. Rest assuredly if you're constantly late to work you might as well quit because most employers look at tardiness with a frown and they will almost always say "You're fired." On a serious note, show up to work at least 30 minutes before you're shift (if that's allowed) so that you can prepare for the tasks of the day. Let your boss see that you are consistently on time and you work hard, he/she can't overlook that.

4.) Have good work ethics. It is important to have good work ethics at the workplace because you will definitely secure more friends than enemies. Having good work ethics means that you are well rounded in many positive characteristics such as: dedication, reliability, productivity, cooperation, character and much more.

5.) Be positive. Always be positive no matter what happens throughout the workday. It's important to show others that you're not a negative person and you're not a person that will easily get into trouble. Be careful of what you say to people and always put your best foot forward.

6.) Complete tasks. Complete your tasks and make sure to do it on time. There's not a perfect worker in the world but you can strive to be one that do your part and do it well. Don't just complete your tasks for gaining any recognition or rewards but do it to show that you are good at what you do and show your boss that you deserve that job. Your employer will definitely be reminded of why you are the best person for the good job you perform daily.

7.) Know who you are & Believe in yourself. Know who you are and believe in yourself in everything you do. If you don't believe in yourself no one else will, so it's important to show that through your confidence and your hardworking abilities at work. Stand proud and don't back out of any work load your boss may give you but be sure of yourself and the good work that you accomplish daily. Knowing who yo are goes a long way in the corporate world, so believe in yourself and don't lose sight of that.

In conclusion, now that you know seven different tips on how to survive your career job with dreadlocks. Let your dreadlocks be the accessory and let your work be outstanding, and that will set you apart from the rest. Remember true beauty and a positive character excels from within, so show your boss and coworkers that with dreadlocks you are a great person inside and out.

By Heather Farquharson

© 2014 PrincessJoy101


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    • PrincessJoy101 profile image

      PrincessJoy101 3 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

      I have dreadlocks and I was hired at a prestigious resort in Boca Raton, Florida. My hair did not prevent me from getting the job and I was quite happy working there.