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Can I Apply Makeup During Chemotherapy?

Updated on April 16, 2020
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Can ladies makeup during chemotherapy yes here is the solution for you that makes you so Happy:)

Chemo makeup tips for ladies

Whether it's a special occasion ahead or part of your regular routine, many women wonder if they can still wear makeup while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. There is good news: yes! You may need to replace your staples or favorite products in favor of those that are more skin-friendly. (Make-up has an expiration date anyway - your reserve probably needs an update!) The most important part of your new makeup routine should be a good moisturizer. You may have already been able to avoid it, but chemotherapy is very drying for the skin, especially for the delicate skin of your face. We talk about it in our advice. Steroids used in chemotherapy can cause red, speckled spots on the skin that you may want to cover with a concealer. Keep your hand light, as too much makeup, can cause irritation.


How to hide the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes during chemotherapy?

For eyelashes

Apply a very fine line of pencil on the lash line on the entire upper eyelid.

Do the same in the outer corner of the lower eyelid.

Powder this pencil line with brown or black eyeshadow.

For the eyebrows

To know how to draw, follow the 3 points defined by the lines. And connect these 3 points. Draw the eyebrows with a pencil to give it a natural line. Make sure you choose an eyebrow pencil that is just a little darker than your own hair

Here are 10 makeup tips for women who are undergoing chemo.

  • PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS. The last thing you want to do is scramble during your chemo weeks to find the right eyeliner or a new makeup brush. Gather all the makeup items you want and keep them on hand for a week or two before starting the chemo, so you can get used to your new makeup and be able to remove anything you don't like.
  • MOISTURIZE. Before you apply your concealer or foundation, apply a good moisturizer, a moisturizer with SPF built ( factor of sun protection) , if you can, before applying makeup. Your skin may be dry and sensitive, so whatever moisturizer you choose, make sure it is free of irritants, such as dyes and fragrances.
  • HIDE OR DON'T HIDE ..... Once you've applied your moisturizer, it's time to decide whether or not you need a bit of concealer. Chemo can cause redness and blemishes, but it's not always a good idea to try covering them with a concealer, as the extra makeup can irritate your skin. Experiment with the corrector and get the honest advice of a loved one. Instead, opt for a natural product. The spots will fade over time, and the next makeup tip for chemotherapy will help you even out the skin tone.
  • POWDER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. It may sound ridiculous, but I cannot overstate the benefits of using a good blush during your chemotherapy. Again, a light hand is best, applied to your cheekbones and along your forehead. The powder will add a hint of a healthy glow and even help even out the complexion of your skin.
  • AVOID FALSE EYELASHES .... or false eyebrows because the glue can cause irritation. If you really want to use it, don't hesitate to ask a beautician for advice. Sometimes certain hospitals offer specialized consultations or appointments with an esthetician in care services.
  • EYELINER If you've never used eyeliner, this may be the time! You can still use mascara and eyeliner (it's softer and easier to apply than a pencil), but you should replace them every 2 to 3 months. It's so easy to use, and it comes in various colors ... It takes a little practice, so don't be discouraged if you don't get a perfect line the first time.
  • USE A PENCIL OR A STENCIL. If your eyebrows have thinned out during chemotherapy, you can fill them slightly by hand, in pencil or with a stencil. If you are using a stencil, make sure it is not an adhesive (again, the glue can irritate your skin).
  • BE BOLD, OR BE NATURAL... This makeup advice for chemotherapy can apply to all your beauty choices. Be bold! Maybe this is the perfect time to experiment with vivid colors, why not? Or, you could go the other way and go for a more natural look, with a pale pink lip balm, a hint of powder and a little brown mascara.
  • At the end of the day, make sure to CLEAN YOUR SKIN to remove all traces of makeup and stimulate circulation. Use a cotton pad moistened with a non-oily makeup remover for the eyes (especially for sensitive skin). Hold the cotton on your eyelid for a few seconds to dissolve the makeup, then gently wipe down. Repeat until all traces have been removed. You can do the same with lipstick, wiping in a circular motion. Finish with a layer of rich and hydrating night cream.
  • Most importantly, do as you see fit. According to your desires, your moods, your needs!

Makeup during - after chemo? It's possible !

It's not a look most women dream of bald with itchy, spotty skin. Chemo can chase away bad cancer cells, but don't let it chase your self-esteem. If your hair is lost or thinned, your skin is dry or irritated, and you have gained or lost weight during this process, your best choice is to slow down. the rhythm and take care of yourself You will understand that take more time to makeup and you will be pleasantly surprised by your appearance! No need to devote hours to it, set up a little comfort-pampering ritual!

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