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Can Probiotics Really Prevent Acne Problems?

Updated on October 27, 2016

In my last article, I just said that probiotics assist in the normal function of the digestive system. Along my research, I just bumped into this topic saying probiotic can also help clear or prevent acne. I was really amused and so the construction of this article.

I read an article (maybe that was 2000 words long) explaining how probiotic supplement helped clear her acne scars and prevents them from coming back. So, there it goes, a blogger has proven this microorganism to be effective to prevent acne (she has posted pictures of the progress that took her two years to study). I continued browsing and then here is another article saying to stop believing that a probiotic supplement will really help you solve your acne problems.

I just put this into writing and it is up for you to judge whether to believe or not. Besides, as mentioned in my first article about probiotic, it has much to offer than just normalizing your digestive functions.

Acne problems? Try checking for natural remedies.
Acne problems? Try checking for natural remedies.

How Probiotic Can Prevent Acne

Earlier in the 1960s, 300 patients with acne problems were treated with probiotics and 80% returned with a positive result. Another study took place in 2010 and found that acne patients taking beverages with lactobacillus ferments lessened oily skin problem which is one cause of acne breakouts.

According to science, digestion can also be affected by stress and anxiety. The more stressful your lifestyle is, your digestion may become abnormal causing your skin and other body parts to be inflamed.

Probiotic supplement can come in pills, tablets, capsules, gels or liquid drinks.
Probiotic supplement can come in pills, tablets, capsules, gels or liquid drinks.

Why Probiotic is not an Acne Solution

A recently conducted Danish research published that taking probiotics doesn’t actually balance the bacteria in our guts. This may be true to persons with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) because it will worsen their case. The thing is, this Danish study was tested on healthy subjects so I for one have not enough reason to believe that it is true to everybody.

Another reason why others still have doubt on the magic of probiotic supplement to heal acne is that there is no enough evidence to prove its effectiveness. I may agree at some point because I am really that person who believes until I see (and the best to perform a good test to gain proof will be me or someone I actually know, right?). It might work to some and might not to me though but at least I lost nothing because I benefited in other ways.

Clearer skin can be achieved in time. Just be patient.
Clearer skin can be achieved in time. Just be patient.

Looking for Probiotic Supplement for your Acne

If you still want to test how probiotic supplement can clear your acne, consider buying for a supplement made with various strains of bacteria. Also check for pills or capsules with time-release (or slow release) to prevent your body from overgrowing bacteria. For a budget friendly supplement, you might want to check this product from Amazon (Vitruvian Probiotic 5B-15) offered at $23.74 per bottle of 60 pearl tablets.

Treating skin problems is not an overnight thing to do. Take enough patience and do not shift from one treatment to another in just small periods of time or you might worsen your condition. Consider checking also a dermatologist because they still know better.


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