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Fascinators To Wear With Your Hair Down

Updated on October 22, 2015

Do's And Don't's Of Wearing a Fascinator With Your Hair Down

Do wear a smaller fascinator when your hair is down.
Do wear a smaller fascinator when your hair is down. | Source
See how a large fascinator looks overwhelming when you wear your hair down.
See how a large fascinator looks overwhelming when you wear your hair down. | Source

What Fascinators Can You Wear With Your Hair Down?

With the likes of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, sporting a fascinator with nearly every outfit, fascinators have become a hot hair accessory.

For those with short hair or if you don't know how to style your hair when wearing a fascinator, the question then becomes, how do I wear a fascinator? What hairstyle can I wear with a fascinator? Can I wear a fascinator with my hair down?

Looking good while wearing a fascinator with your hair down is easy if you follow one simple rule: Wear a fascinator that is proportionate to your hairstyle.

This is not the time to rock a large fascinator. When wearing a fascinator with your hair down, smaller is better. Save the larger fascinators for when your hair is up, or when you tease your hair to give it more volume.

Wanting to try your hand at making your own fascinator? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to trim your own fascinator!

Want to wear a hat or fascinator but you're not brave enough? Get your nerve up after reading why you should wear a hat.

Cheap Bridal Fascinators To Wear With Your Hair Down

For brides wanting to wear their down for their wedding, a fascinator or a birdcage is a great option. Just be sure to choose a size that is proportionate to the volume of your hair.

A fascinator is a perfect alternative to a traditional veil. A fascinator gives you romance and elegance and can make you stand out from other brides. Fascinators are on their way to catching on in American weddings, and brides can really make a statement wearing one.

The hot new bridal trend in headpieces are birdcages. These are also a type of fascinator. They give the bride the illusion of a veil, but is more updated. Birdcages cover only part of the face and gives the bride a chic, modern look.

.Planning a wedding on a budget can be a challenge, but wedding fascinators do not have to be expensive. These elegant bridal fascinators can be bought for under $50 and are perfect for a bride wanting to wear her hair down on her wedding day.

Flower Hair Clips To Wear With Your Hair Down

Flowers are a great way to ease your way into fascinators. Flower hair clips can be very small, which is perfect when you choose to wear your hair down. Flower fascinators can easily be worn when you want to be casual, or they can dress up your outfit for a night on the town.

Pair a leather flower fascinator with a pair of jeans and a funky top. A silky rose can be an elegant accessory to that little black dress you wear or your next date.

Whatever flower you choose, just remember to keep it small and simple when wearing your hair down to avoid a fashion faux paus.

Great Feather Hair Clips

Feather Fascinators For Hair Down Hairstyles

Feather are fun and hip. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge favors feather fascinators. To get that Kate Middleton look, choose a fun feather fascinator for an easy modern look.

Feathers are great as fascinators because they come in many colors and can be as casual or as formal as you like. They also come in many colors and sizes, especially smaller sizes, which is essential when you choose to wear your hair down.

A peacock fascinator is a great bridesmaid hair accessory, or it can look just as classy with a pair of jeans. A yellow feather fascinator looks fantastic with a light and airy summer dress. To get that sophisticated look, wear a black feather headband accented by rhinestones.

Headband Fascinators Are Great To Wear With Your Hair Down

Don't think a headband counts as a fascinator? Guess again. Headbands are THE perfect accessory when you choose to wear your hair down. They're not too big, they're not too small. Plus, they look fantastic when they're nestled in your hair.

A headband truly is a universal hair accessory. You can wear them during the day, to weddings, or out on a date and still look just as amazing. You will never appear overdressed and fussy when wearing a headband.

Rhinestone headbands are elegant when worn to a wedding or formal events. A simple metal headband is perfect to wear everyday.

Don't Be Afraid To Try a Fascinator

Fascinators are fun accessories to add to any outfit. They really make you stand out in a crowd. If worn correctly, fascinators can be worn with your hair down. Keep your fascinator small or proportionate to your hairstyle and you'll soon be rocking a fascinator like the Duchess of Cambridge!


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