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Can't find stuff in purse/handbag - how to Organise

Updated on November 23, 2015
Time to get that bag organised !
Time to get that bag organised ! | Source

The Problems

I don’t know about you but when I am out and about I get really frustrated when I cannot find an item in my purse/handbag which I KNOW is in there – in other words I just cannot locate it amongst all the other essential items I carry around on a daily basis.

My other frustration when I am out is when I have changed purse/handbags (e.g. to match my shoes, outfit whatever) and find that some essential item is still in the bag I used the previous day. Ahhhhhh! In fact, because of this, I reluctantly got into the habit of using the same purse/bag most of the time (very boring).

For the most part, it’s a matter of inconvenience and annoyance when you can’t find stuff, but there are times when not being able to put your hand on something quickly has significant consequences. For example if you, or someone you are responsible for, are asthmatic and use an inhaler, it’s important to be able to find this swiftly.

However, things are different for me nowadays. I can happily swap purse/handbags every day if I want, safe in the knowledge that the above aggravations will not occur and I can find the stuff I need .at the time I require them.

The Solution - See through Cosmetics/Make Up Bags

I now keep transparent cosmetics type bags in my purse/handbag. With a see through bag everything is visible. You can instantly see, reach for and grab the item you want.

I have more than one of these see through bags in my purse, and group things conveniently. For example, in one bag I have cosmetic items such as lip salve, make up, small mirror/brush/comb (an all-in-one thing), perfume, handcream etc.

In a separate see through bag in my purse, I have my microscopic umbrella, glasses case, dietary supplements, and feminine hygiene items (the latter are in a non-see through pouch which I keep inside the see through bag).

When I change purse/handbag I simply need to transfer these transparent bags containing all my everyday essentials to the handbag I have chosen to use that day. It’s quick and easy. I don’t have the stress of wondering if I have forgotten anything.

Items you may want to put into your transparent organiser

Advantages to using transparent mesh or plastic bags within your purse/pocketbook/handbag.

  • I think I am right in saying that plastic see through containers are required by airport security nowadays and so this is an additional use should you decide to give this idea a try.

  • Whether mesh or plastic, the see through bags are a neat and lightweight method of organising your handbag.

  • Having a set of, say, three bags in different colours further helps you to organise yourself.

  • Some see through bags have pockets to keep things in place within the see through bag itself - very handy.

  • If you work in an organisation which requires you to have your belongings in a clear bag, (e.g. a prison) you can buy large size see through bags to use at work and when leaving work simply transfer this large clear bag into your non-work handbag.

  • Some mesh and plastic cosmetic bags have handles which you can loop your keys through.

You can organise the bags according to what works best for you. Additionally you might have an envelope type see through case to keep things like bus/train pass, pens, diary, small notepad etc.

I started off using this method of organising my handbag by improvising with clear A4 pockets (the type used for filing papers in a ringbinder). Once I confirmed how convenient and easy it was to find stuff on the go, I decided to buy commercial see through cosmetics bags. I haven’t looked back since as these "look the business". In truth, I was somewhat embarrassed by my makeshift document wallets - plus they did not close properly at the top since they were not intended for the purpose to which I put them.

I’ve found this a great way to organise my purse/handbag and now feel confident about changing purse/handbags as and when I want to. I sometimes tend to keep my wallet, keys and cellphone/mobile in the actual inbuilt purse/handbag compartments but plan to try out keeping these items in a separate bag also.

Not being able to find stuff in a purse or handbag seems to be a universal problem for women. Both men and women may find these methods useful for keeping the contents of a car glove compartment organised.

This useful and highly rated organiser comes in a variety of colours

What else helps ?

Pruning the contents of your purses/handbags is key. Just to ensure I don’t end up with one shoulder lower than the other, every so often, I’ll go through each of my see through bags in turn to clear out things I no longer regularly use so that I am not overloaded with regard to weight. Another trick is not to use a handbag which is bigger than what you actually need, as there is a tendency to just fill it up!

Now, thankfully, instead of having to remember individual items when I am changing bags, I simply, quickly and easily transfer the see through mesh or plastic cosmetic bag(s) from the previous day’s handbag (or the purse I used earlier in the day) and I’m ready to go. So there's one thing less to worry about during a busy day – yippee!


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