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Captivating Lace Cami Tops For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Lace camisoles aren't just pretty pieces of lingerie, they are excellent additions to the wardrobe of any man who loves lingerie. Why? Because they not only allow him to enjoy the soft feeling of lace, but they also lend themselves to going out into the world wearing womens clothing.

Camisole tops have become increasingly popular over the years and they are perhaps, the ultimate crossover garment. They look just as good at the beach as they do in the bedroom, and depending on the design, you might even be able to sneak one of these sweet little pieces into the boardroom.

Arianne Lace Camisole

I think this is a very cute camisole. It comes with pretty (and slightly raunchy) black lace trim and the body of the garment itself is also reminiscent of a lace pattern. Lace lined cups make it super feminine and brave men who want to step out in something girly can team this up with a pair of casual jeans for a sexy outfit.

All Lace Camisole

If you're all about the lace and aren't worried about having to be decent in public, the all lace camisole from Maidenform is perfect. Dense knit lace ensures a snug fit, though don't count on being able to hide any contraband under this top. Your assets will be laid well bare under the curves and twirls of the dark lace.

Lace and Nylon

Two major lingerie players step up to the plate in this sweet, slinky little camisole from Bay Studio Intimates. This camisole has nice thick lace straps, a lace bodice and a nylon torso covering which will feel absolutely amazing against your skin. Enjoy the sexy look of lace and the sensuality of nylon when you slip this top on.

Vanity Fair Lace Trimmed Camisole

A different variation on the lace and nylon theme is this pretty camisole from Vanity Fair. Stretch nylon ensures that your body is comfortably clad, and nice thick lace trims transform this garment from the mundane to the sublime. My only complaint here is that although Vanity Fair are trying to get away with calling this color 'Damask Neutral', I think we all know that this is beige. Beige strikes again!

Camisole Bra

And now for something completely different, this camisole bra from Natori. It's like a bra, in that it supports the bosom, but its like a camisole in that lace stretches across it in one gorgeous band of blatant lingerie. This bra is designed to be visible under women's clothing, so beware, if you wear it under a shirt, the whole world could become aware that you have excellent taste in lingerie!


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    • profile image

      Alana Raso 8 years ago

      i love satin camis. my favorites are Farr West. i wear them during the days on my drabs, then in the evening pair them with a pretty blouse or kimono tops for an elegant ensemble. they feel great and are made of a very high quality japanese poly silk that holds up for years. unlike H&M or Forever 21 garments which are made disintegrate after 10 wearings. I have some Farr West camis that are 15 years old and going strong.

    • profile image

      bwhcpty 8 years ago

      Hi Hope, I love the camisoles, and I especially like the camisole bra. I like to wear them out and under a thin white tee shirt so you can see the lace and colors!

    • profile image

      phil 8 years ago

      I adore vanity fair. And really like their cami with the lace and ribbon straps. It is like the top of a full slip.mmmmmm

    • profile image

      Cyndie_D 8 years ago

      I do enjoy wearing cami's. My favorite is by Jockey for Her. They have a wonderfully soft - stretchy feel with a little lace at the bust and around the hem. Jockey seems to come out with a couple of new interesting, fem colors each year, just to keep me coming back.


    • profile image

      celtichic 8 years ago

      I've found that the lace stretch cami...I've got a few by DKNY, work better than bras at supporting my small, but feminine endowment. I love cami's, especially lacy ones. And agree with Gunnau above, when I lived in New York, they are great to keep you warm under regular male clothing!

    • profile image

      Gunnau 8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      Hi Hope

      I love my cami's. I used to wear singlets under my shirts to keep a little warmer then picked up these nice stretch lace numbers. I also have some very smooth ones as well but i've not seem the cami bra. Interesting.