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Cargo Pants For Women 2017

Updated on December 28, 2016
cargo pants for women
cargo pants for women

Find Cheap Cargo Pants For Women

When you think of cargo pants, you simply can't help thinking, pockets on the sides at the hips and at the front on the thighs and never forgetting at the backside area. Initially, cargo pants were viewed as practical working pants or military attire and were often made from strong fabric for this very purpose. However, that changed with time as cargo pants became a fashion trend and designers got creative by coming up with various interesting and very appealing cargo pants designs for women.

Cargo pants have long ceased to be considered only as military attire for holding ammunition in the pockets for easy access or work pants for holding work tools. They can now be worn for different purposes such as simply achieving a fashionable look and also for ease while carrying out outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Whether bought for the sake of fashion or function, cargo pants are one must have clothing piece for every woman.

Choosing Cargo Pants

They are now available in a wide array of designs and feature different fabrics and pocket designs. It is important to note that hiking or backpacking cargo pants are made from durable material such as cotton blends, nylon or other adequate synthetic materials for comfort and breathability considering the active nature of the activities. Cargo pants for fashion are often made from fabrics such as linen, cotton-nylon blends, silk, satin and so on.

Shoppers are also advised to consider the fit and length that is perfect for their body type and always get their size right. Wearing too small or too baggy cargo pants can be very unappealing.
The waist style and color should also be put into consideration during buying. Cargo pants for women tend to have a lower cut waist although higher waist ones exists but are neither very common nor are they very popular. When it comes to color, they range from dark colors to the bright summer ones and even patterned designs such as floral prints and combat.

The pockets are one trademark feature for all cargo pants. They vary in number, design and size. They can either be large or small with a patch, pouch or accordion design . Their closures also vary and range from zippers, snaps, velcro, buttons to simply none at all.

Wearing the Cargo Pants

Cargo pants can be very fashionable looking depending on the look you intend to pull off. There are several looks, from the casual laid-back look, to the hot hip-hop look, or simply the rugged street-smart look that can be quite attractive.

The pants can be paired with trendy tight-fitting t-shirts, sleeveless tops, ladies vests or even a feminine-looking top if you intend to project that softer feminine side together with the tough cargo pants look.

When it comes to footwear, you can wear your cargo pants with sneakers, wedges stilettos, hiking boots and even sandals depending on the design of cargo pants you are wearing. Make sure your footwear color compliments your cargo pants color.

For accessorizing purposes, you can wear you cargo pants with a sling bag, a kangol hat, baseball cap or any other that you prefer. Jewelry such as a single chain, earrings or bangles can also be ideal in completing a certain look but it is advisable to go easy on the them to avoid looking overdone.

Cargo pants for women have been a great fashion piece for a long time and are not going away anytime soon. Their uniqueness makes them a favorite for many women with different fashion tastes...

How to Wear Cargo Pants

Why Should Women Wear Cargo Pants

Because both women's and men's cargo pants are comfortable. And this means that they are perfect for everyday use at home or even at work. They are also good looking and for me, women in cargo pants are looking really sexy.

And I strongly recommend searching for cargo pants on because you can find some really cheap and nice models.

Do You Wear Cargo Pants For Women ?

Do You Wear Cargo Pants ?

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    • petrca9 profile image

      Petra 4 years ago

      Nice work! Although such pants are not my style, I like it and it is possible that I will buy them someday.