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Carnation Tattoos

Updated on July 31, 2015

Beautiful Flower Tattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo that is different, and represents class and elegance a carnation tattoo is a good choice. A carnation in tattoo form is dainty and pretty with the feather like flowing petals. There is a huge variety of colors you can choose from as well as the size of your carnation.

There is no wrong or right place to put a tattoo, it's totally dependant upon where you want it. They are pretty on a shoulder, lower stomach, or even on the lower part of the leg. You just have to decide on where you really think it will look fabulous !

Make sure to discuss with your tattoo artist exactly how you want your carnation to look. I say this because some tattoo artist tend to make flower tattoos look almost cartoonish. If you're going for that look, than make sure they know that as well. If you want a realistic carnation make sure you communicate that to him or her.

Pretty Carnation Tattoo

Unique Carnation Tattoo

Cool Carnation Tattoo

Neat Carnation Tattoo

Different Carnation Tattoo


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