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It's Winter, Do You Have Your Cashmere Scarf Yet?

Updated on January 14, 2010

Winter time has come once again, so it's time to break out the cashmere scarves. I've got some reasons for you. My girlfriend absolutely loves cashmere, and everything to do with scarves, so I have picked up a thing or two over the years.

If you are anything like me, then you have been dragged around the shopping mall by your girlfriend! While I was at the mall, I picked up on some of the types of cashmere scarves that were in fashion. The first thing I noticed was that everywhere I turned, there seemed to be a black cashmere scarf. Black is always in fashion, and when it comes to scarves, there is no exception to be found. My girlfriend picked up one of these, and I have to admit, it looks pretty good on her, and it really contrasts well with the snow. So if you are looking for a winter gift, whether it is Christmas, or maybe a birthday or an anniversary, you cannot go wrong in buying
a black cashmere scarf.

While you cannot always make it to the mall, you certainly can find scarves online. I have found many websites dedicated to selling cashmere scarves. I try to convince my girlfriend that we can just go online to buy a cashmere scarf, she wants to go to the mall every time. I suppose that going to the mall is an experience in itself. Regardless, you can easily find a cashmere scarf sale on the internet. If you want to try and find a cashmere scarf sale at the mall, be my guest. My own personal preference is just to use the internet, and many people are buying online these days, but it is totally your decision.

Another style that seems to be in perpetual fashion is the knit cashmere scarf. Maybe it is because it brings to mind childhood winters spent in grandma's house, sipping on hot cocoa and getting warm by the fire. I am not sure what the case is, but whatever the case, a knit cashmere scarf will certainly turn heads.

My girlfriend seems to be a shopaholic, and our winter shopping trips to the mall always end up with us getting five of everything! Of course, I am a guy, and I really don't understand why this is necessary, but my girlfriend assures me that it is, so I will just have to take her word on it. I am sure that she keeps the women's cashmere scarf store in business! Maybe I am being too hard on her, because I really do like some of the things that she buys.

For example, she bought a plaid cashmere scarf, and I must admit, it really goes well with just about anything. Solid colors seem to work best though. For example, if she is wearing a red coat, then her red cashmere scarf will work best. It is mostly tan, but has red lines going through it in a plaid fashion.

This should be enough information for you to get started on buying a cashmere scarf, and I hope you do. Best of luck on finding a design that you enjoy!


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