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Causes of Acne in Women

Updated on April 8, 2013

Acne problem in Girls

One of the most common problems in all ages of woman, specially young girls is acne. It is a problem that almost all women have faced in some part of their life time. Usually, acne appears at a certain age, and then it goes away. It is nothing to worry a lot about. If the problem persists, or acne appears on your face either regularly or after particular time interval, then it may be a matter of concern. There could be many reason for acne. Some of the major factors of acne are as follows.

  • Stress: As a stressed life is not good for your mental and physical health, it can be the sole reason for your acne as well. If you do not have enough time for yourself due to a busy schedule, your eating and sleeping habits may get disturbed. The disturbed schedule can cause acne on your face. This fact is supported by a number of studies made at different times. These studies have shown a significant relation between acne and stressful life. It is because the production of stress hormone increases in the body, when you are leading a life full of stress. This hormone disturbs the normal function of your body, and brings a lot of changes in it. This disturbance can cause many problems like extreme weight loss, or extreme weight gain, and severe acne. Many experts believe that acne is caused by stress, while according to others, it can worsen your acne problem.
  • Menstrual Cycle: In women, another main cause of acne could be menstrual cycle. It is observed that acne appears 7 to 8 days before the start of menstrual period, and fades as soon as the period is started. You may also suffer severe acne, if you are having a disturbed menstrual cycle.
  • Diabetes:In Pakistan,Women with diabetes, and Polycystic ovary syndrome may also have acne problem. These conditions are due to hormonal changes in the body. In women, they are also major problems causing acne.
  • Facial Treatment: It is a basic right of every woman to look beautiful, and for this purpose she takes a number of different beauty treatments. Facial is a common treatment which most of the women take frequently. These frequent facials can also cause acne. This is why, you should take such treatments not before a particular interval.
  • Facial Threading: Threading is a process to remove hair from their root. You should avoid facial threading, as it does not only open your facial pores but can also worsen your acne. According to many experts, you should avoid threading on your face.
  • Face Waxing: Just like facial threading, you should also avoid waxing on your face. It can cause pimples, and bumps on your face.
  • Problems of Liver: The largest gland in your body is liver, which is vital as well, and performs a number of important functions to keep your body healthy. If your liver is not working properly, your hormonal balance of the body would get disturbed, and acne may appear on your face and other body parts.
  • Touching your Acne: If you keep touching your acne, you are actually spreading the germs that would cause more acne. So, you should not touch your face.

You can get rid of acne by drinking plenty of water, reducing the stress in your life, and by maintaining personal hygiene.


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