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Black Underarm

Updated on November 25, 2017

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Black underarm decreases confidence.
Black underarm decreases confidence. | Source

Woried About Black Underarm

Do you have a secret? Why do you always wear jacket or long sleeves? Why can't you raise your arm for recitation or for presenting yourself? Why can't you reach the train holder? Do these questions embarrassed you? Well, no need to fret. You are not alone. Many are suffering from black underarm. In most cases, many are becoming pathetic to find ways to whiten their armpits. However, finding solutions to black underarm without comprehending the cause is just a waste of time and money.

Common Causes of Black Underarm

Trying of different antiperspirant products or other solutions subject armpits to a trial-and- error experiment. This is not practical and wise. This may result to more worse discoloration. Just like when diagnosing a disease, doctor analyzes the cause before giving a prescription.Hence, try to identify first the cause before applying varied creams .

Based from observation, dark underarms are commonly caused by the following:

  • Frequent Shaving. Shaving removes only the hair shaft on the surface and leaves the other part including the hair root in the pore. This pore then contracts and creates bump. This bump is dark due to the hair content and contraction of the skin pore.

Skin Layers and Parts
Skin Layers and Parts | Source
  • Wearing of closed-underarm shirt. Let your underarm breathe. Just like the result of too much rubbing or scratching, too much friction of our shirts results burn. Burning is a chemical reaction that make the appearance of matter change. It creates ashes and leaves the surface dark. The explanation is just the same with our underarm exposed to too much rubbing.

  • Using of varied and concentrated deodorant. Like other skin part, our underarm skin is also sensitive. Once it got irritated, it becomes infected with bacteria or fungi. Infection results itchiness and burning sensation. To ease the pain, we sometimes rub or scratch it. Rubbing or scratching is not advisable. This may just result to a serious problem or worse discoloration. Too much rubbing burns our skin. Remember the effect of too much friction? It creates heat and burn.

Here's the Deal for your Dark Underarm

Once the cause of your black underarm is identified, there is no reason for you not to find the right solution. Be confident and show your lighter underarm!

Here's an additional information about the causes of black underarm. Some remedies are also given in this video.

Which causes your dark underarm?

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