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How to Get Hollywood Celebrity Hairstyles at Home

Updated on February 7, 2009


Whenever we women are feeling that life is getting us down, then the obvious answer is to get a brand new look for our hair. What our hair looks like is very important to women – which is why when they are feeling stressed, the expression ‘having a bad hair day’ has dropped into common parlance.

In today’s world, the fashionable woman doesn’t want just any old hairstyle, she wants one that will turn heads and make her look a million dollars – small wonder that so many of us have taken to copying the celebrity hairstyles of our favorite stars and celebrities, and why not? Why shouldn’t we look and feel just as good as the women of the small and the silver screen? All that we have to do is to find out what might be the prevailing trend in celebrity hairstyles, and how we go about getting it.

Sisters really are doing it for themselves…

Most hairstylists will have a go at copying any haircut for you if you take them a photograph. Sometimes however, we’re having a bad hair day and just don’t have the time or the money to visit a professional. What then? Well sisters, we just have to learn to be doing it for ourselves!

First we'll give you some information on how to find out what the stars are currently doing with their hair, and then we'll tell you how you can go about getting the same look. Doing it for yourself may not always be the easiest way of getting a new hairstyle, but it is certainly cheaper. Your hard-earned dollars stay in your pocket rather than going to the stylist, and you can still have the look that you want. With a bit of research and ingenuity, almost any woman can look as good as her favorite star.

Why is hair so important?

Famous stars and celebrities are under pressure to look their best, because a large part of their stardom depends on image. While this may not be the case for the rest of us, the way we feel about ourselves, and the way we imagine other people see us, has a lot to do with image. This image consciousness is what makes women so unhappy when their hair doesn’t look good, and so full of confidence when they know that it does. The problem that we have is that unlike the stars, we don’t have a personal stylist – this means that we have to become our own personal stylist, or at the very least get a friend to do it for us if we can't afford regular hairstyling sessions.


(c) Cornel Pex from La Senia, Spain
(c) Cornel Pex from La Senia, Spain

Popular celebrity styles – will they suit you?

You might decide to go for short and curly like Jessica Alba, or like Beyonce, long with a hint of curl. However, before you actually choose a star’s style that you want to copy, you should first make sure that it will suit you. One way that you can do this now is go to one of several free websites that have different face shapes and hairstyles. You find the shape that is closest to your own, and then try different styles on that face. This will give you an idea of what that style will look like on you.

Heidi Klum

(c) Jengod at en.wikipedia
(c) Jengod at en.wikipedia

The chignon and the fifties look

Fifties styling is very popular at the moment and an increasing number of stars, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez to name but two, are leaving their hair long so that they have it down or in an upswept style for evening. If you have long hair and you want to keep it that way, then you might consider the upswept look. There is one upswept style that never goes out of fashion, and which many of the stars wear for gala nights, that is the French chignon. The chignon is also a favorite holiday hairstyle for stars such as Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria of desperate housewives’ fame.

If you have medium length to long hair then getting a chignon is easy – and if it doesn’t suit the shape of your face then it’s a simple process to take it down again.

Here’s how to get it, start by brushing your hair behind your ears and into the nape of your neck – then fix it into a tight but low pony tail with a rubber band. Next, you take hold of the pony tail and twist it tightly till it resembles a rope make sure there are no loose ends. Once you have your rope then you curl it into a bun at the nape of your neck then fix the bun securely with hair pins and spray lightly to hold it in place. If you are not keen on the very sleek look then you can always braid the hair into a single plait before curling it into a bun.

Hilary Duff

Image (c) David Shankbone
Image (c) David Shankbone

Duff hair

For younger females who envy the Hilary Duff look, this is quite easy to achieve if you already have layered hair. After washing take all of your hair that is at ear level and above, sweep it upwards and clip to the top of your head. Blow dry the bottom layers so that they turn under at the ends – just as you might do with a bob or page boy hairstyle. Blow dry your bangs in the same way as you have the bottom layers, then unclip the hair that you have piled at the top of your head. Add plenty of mousse to this top layer and comb it through. Then take a rounded hair brush and blow dry the hair in an upwards and outwards move – this gives the hair body and motion, essential to today’s styles. When it is properly dry then spray your new style lightly.

Sedu hairstyles

Sedu hairstyles have remained popular among the stars for almost a year now. Both Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston have been seen wearing this style. Make sure that your hair is in tip top condition by using a leave on conditioner if it tends to be dry then follow the steps outlined here. First make sure that your hair is properly dry, you can do this by using a downward movement with the dryer while you comb it through – this helps to keep the hair as flat as possible. Using a wide toothed comb and starting at the nape of your neck separate your hair into sections, you should have up to ten of them. Then taking one section at a time and using your hair straighteners start at the top of the section and draw it downwards, do the same with all the other sections – the slower you go the longer the straightness will remain, finish by spraying with spray shine.

Jessica Simpson Author= John VanderHaagen] from Grand Rapids, MI |Per Author= John VanderHaagen] from Grand Rapids, MI |Per

Curls and waves

If your hair is medium to long then try the Jessica Simpson long and wavy. First wash and towel dry your hair then spray the roots with mousse or another volumizing product. Then beginning with the roots blow dry your hair straight. Once straight separate the hair into three sections using grips or pony tail clips. Taking a section at a time curl with a barrel curling iron, release after ten seconds then roll and pin the curl to your head - do this with each section but make sure that you pin the curls in opposite directions and leave the ends loose, this gives a more natural look. Leave the curls until they have cooled and then unpin your hair. Blow dry using a cool setting and then run your fingers through to separate the curls and spray.

Victoria Beckham

(c) TonyRockerazzi at
(c) TonyRockerazzi at

Learn to cut your own!

Fed up with your medium length style but can’t afford the time or the dollars to go to a stylist – then why not learn to cut your own hair. Short hair and crops are quite fashionable at the moment and there are a number of stars who have chosen a short pixie look – if they want to look different then there is always the option to add extensions. If you are going to have a go at cutting your own hair then don’t use kitchen scissors, you need very sharp scissors that are designed for cutting hair. If the style you like has choppy layers (and many of them do) then you need a second pair of scissors with gaps in the teeth.

You will need a well positioned and brightly lit mirror – if you are going to cut your own hair then you need to see as much of it as possible. You need to have confidence in yourself if you are going to cut your own hair and you need to be aware that your hair cut may not be as balanced as you would like – this is because you tend to cut with the hand that you write with and the other hand is not quite as dexterous, one answer to this would be to have a friend with you who will be able to even out the balance for you.

Another way round this is to give yourself an asymmetrical cut like Victoria Beckham or Sarah Harding. The trick is to part the hair low down and then section off long bangs on one side of the head and to cut the other side very short. Spray to keep the style in place.


Whatever your hairstyle preferences and whoever your favorite stars are there is bound to be a look that suits you to perfection and which you can do at home for yourself.

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