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Worried About Cellulite? Here Are The Most Fantastic Ways Removing Cellulite

Updated on November 15, 2015

A photo showing cellulite on a woman thigh


What causes cellulite

It is important to note that cellulite is not a harmful health disorder but is a biological mechanism of storing excess fat in the body. However, in this era of looking fit, slim and smart; it has become a thing of major concern. People in the modern world are busier, they are becoming less concerned with what they eat or drink.In order to spare time for their busy schedules, they opt to get their food at fast food points.The most common types of food that you will find there include strips of bacon, deep fried chicken, chips etc. The fat content of this life is much higher than what the body requires considering the fact that office life is a less active life.This promotes the over accumulation of subcutaneous fat hence hence generating cellulite.

Anti Cellulite Creams

There are creams which when massaged on the skin help burn out the excess fat in body cells. The main component in such cream products is aminophylline. Aminophylline forces the tightening of muscular cells leading to loss of fat and drainage of water from cells. It also causes the constriction of blood vessels and hence should only be applied after medical consultation. Some creams also contain caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates the blood vessels and this helps the cells by draining off excess water. However, the caffeine based creams offer a temporary tightening of skin. Caffeine retinol mixture temporarily shrinks the fat cells and repair the cell structure by increasing the collagen percentage in cells. Other creams have DMAE as a component. DMAE stands for Dimethylaminoethanol.It is an anti oxidant which makes the muscles contract and become firm.

You are a product of what you eat

Choose wisely
Choose wisely | Source

Managing cellulite

Since we now know the main contributing factors for cellulite, the first way of managing them is avoiding much of the fatty food. You should carefully select whatever you eat.Finding some better options to what you are used to is advisable.

Taking good care of the skin to prevent cellulitis is very much possible.We should take much concern about the type of food that we eat. Fat is only good in our bodies only when consumed in the right amount.Other than causing cellulite, there are other major health problems associated with over accumulation of fat in vital organs like heart, kidneys etc.

Take great care, You are a product of what you eat!

Medical procedures

There are creams which are in market today which dissolve fat in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. However, there are lots of questions about their safety and functioning mechanism. It is therefore highly advisable that you consult a qualified physician for advise.

There is also a surgical procedure known as liposuction which literally means sucking out the subcutaneous fat from the skin. The procedure should be undertaken by a qualified dermatologist to avoid complications

Other temporary measures include massage and spa which only removes the condition for a short while. Exercising regularly also helps the body burn the excess fat in the body hence a proven remedy.

A surgeon performing liposuction procedure



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