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Celtic Design Tattoos Trend

Updated on April 7, 2013

Celtic Design

If you are considering to have a tattoo on your body, perhaps you might one to have a look at Celtic Design Tattoo. Celtic Design Tattoo has become quite popular nowadays as they are some of the most beautiful and ornamental body decorations that you can have. These symbols involve highly complicated designs of knots and curves, interlocking rings and other appealing and attractive patterns.

Most of these Celtic symbols carry a much deeper meaning than what you can perceive on the surface. The kind of 'mystical' and 'supernatural' kind of feeling if you would to ask me. However, you can still appreciate them even if you are not aware of the hidden meaning they carry. Celtic symbols are highly valuable for their aesthetic beauty even if there's no special meaning behind them. But for people who are truly obsessed with Celtic design, there will always be a significant theme or meaning that they build upon on.

I first discovered Celtic design tattoos when watching MTVs by Linkin Park, which Chester Bennington has one on his shoulder, and that was few years back. Coincidental, one of my course mates cum room mate had just enrolled in a mythology class at the same time.

Not long after attending few of the class, he began obsessed with Celtic knots and which I believed there are chapters in the textbook that talk about them. He would sketch those symbols onto his notepads during class interval time or when he had nothing to do.

Once, he showed me some of the drawings and I was quite amazed how pretty they were. The drawings have shown how creative he was. Then, I asked him about these Celtic things and he told me that there were actually an ancient symbol and pattern that was discovered in Britain some time ago. He even said that some Celtic symbol lovers took it even further by adapting these patterns into body art.

When he told me that he would love to have one Celtic design tattoo onto his body, I was naturally intrigued. I even asked if I could go along with him to the local tattoo parlor to learn more about this kind of body art.

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When we reached the studio, I was surprised with all the designs available there. Apparently, Celtic design tattoos were quite popular among tattoo lovers. I flipped some of the tattoo books available there and I saw hundreds of tattoos that were quite similar to the one that my friend had. Those designs seemed to be almost half of the work that the tattoo artist have done so far, and which he even informed us that some of the designs were supplied by his clients.

He further informed us that only people who are really interested into this kind of art can be a tattoo artist else the outcome of the work wouldn't be great. It's all about how passionate one person is. Different tattoo artists tend to have different ideas and specialties, and his designs has showed us what he was into. Nonetheless, it did provide me with an idea of how popular Celtic patterns have become among tattoo lovers. More and more people are going into this kind of body art.

Celtic design tattoos always look good no matter how long it has been on your body. Of course they truly look great when you first get them but they still retain their beauty even when they are in the process of fading. You will need to pay a visit to tattoo parlor to have them fixed and bring back the livelihood of your Celtic design tattoo.

Now almost every tattoo artist in the world knows how to make Celtic tattoo designs. If you find one that doesn't know what is a Celtic Tattoo, you can pretty sure that he or she is an outdated artist.

Celtic Tatoo Designs

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  • Sue826 profile image

    Sue826 6 years ago from Albuquerque

    I have a couple of celtic designs. I think it's a beautiful design for tattoos.