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Chamomile: Mother Nature's Beauty Aid

Updated on September 10, 2014

Chamomile may very well be one of the most loved and well used herbs of all time. It was used in ancient Egypt as a curative and has been used for centuries in Europe to aid in digestion and overall wellness.

While tea made from the chamomile flowers is famous for its soothing effects on the mind and body, what may not be so well known is that chamomile is a wonderful beauty aid as well. Chamomile is a naturally healing herb which, when inhaled as an essential oil, or imbibed as a tea, brings on a sensation of calmness and relaxation. It is known to relieve depression, anxiety and stress. Drinking it in tea form is also indispensable for the treatment of bloating and other intestinal discomfort. While these properties work wonders for our insides, they are also excellent for the enhancement of our external beauty without the side effects of chemically derived beauty aids

In the case of red, puffy or irritated eyes, placing warm chamomile tea bags over them for 10-15 minutes will result in soothed, and brighter eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of the chamomile flower aid in depuffing the eyes while also lessening the redness and itching. It's the perfect cure for tired or allergic eyes.

Chamomile tea can also be added to your bath water in liquid form or by dunking a bag made out of cheesecloth or even a clean nylon stocking full of dried chamomile flowers in the bathtub. The chamomile in your bathwater makes for a wonderful, sweet smelling spa-like experience while soothing your skin. Added to your bath it aids in healing sunburned skin as well as dry, chapped skin.

As a hair treatment, chamomile works wonders. Prepared as a tea with boiling water and allowed to steep for 10 minutes and then slightly cooled, you can use it as a post shower rinse. A chamomile rinse will give your hair moisture and shine without any build-up. It works beautifully to soothe hair damaged by free radicals, hair dyes, and heated styling tools, adding elasticity and luster. The curative properties of chamomile can also help neutralize your scalp making it less oily while at the same time not allowing it to dry out. It is also commonly used in Europe to treat and prevent dandruff. For people with lighter hair, chamomile has the added benefit of being a natural hair lightener.

When added to witch hazel, chamomile tea becomes a soothing, healing and antibacterial skin toner. Without any drying effects, the chamomile tea and witch hazel concoction purifies your pores, soothes any redness and leaves skin brighter and more balanced. Ideal for any skin type, this toner is the perfect answer for those with combination skin as well since it reduces excess oils while hydrating the drier portions of your face.

Even though chamomile is most popular as a tea, it is also wonderful as an essential oil. During the process of steam distillation, the chamomile plant produces azulene which is an extremely beneficial and curative oil. It is a completely natural treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry, cracked skin from over exposure to the elements. The anti-inflammatory substances in azulene make it a very effective treatment for acne. Dabbed on a red, irritated acne spot, chamomile oil works almost instantly to reduce the redness and swelling.

Chamomile has been hailed as a curative herb since the beginning of time. We can now find a virtual cornucopia of beauty products like shampoos, face creams, bodywashes and more that contain chamomile at any local retailer. However, using a simple tea bag or small bottle of chamomile essential oil is all we need to enjoy all of the curative elements of this fragile and heavenly smelling herb. Chamomile is Mother Nature's beauty aid, helping us in maintaining inner and outer beauty in a simple and completely natural way.


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