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Cheap Hunter Wellies Boots - Where To Find The Best Deals

Updated on April 12, 2014

If you are looking to buy Cheap Hunter Wellies then you have come to the right place.

Hunter wellies are not only comfy & long lasting they are trendy too. Plus they do both a men's & kids range, great for all the family. The best thing is you can get them on sale from time to time.

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Cheap Hunter Wellies
Cheap Hunter Wellies | Source

Why Are Hunter Wellingtons So Popular?

Ever since my girlfriend Andrea saw her favourite supermodel walking through the mud at a UK festival she fell in love with these boots and was on a mission to find her own pair of cheap Hunter wellies, because she's a bargain hunter. Andrea said "there's nothing worse than having to face a cold and rainy/snowing winters day knowing your feet are going to be wet and cold."  Her chic, trendy and colourful red Hunter wellingtons are enough to brighten her winter blues when she steps out to face the music.

Whilst reading lots of online reviews these major points kept on coming up over and over again:

- The rubber is thick and durable.
- Love the adjustable strap for a perfect fit.
- I can't imagine anything that would make them better.
- Hand made for superior quality. 
- Available in lots of trendy and stylish colours to enhance your wardrobe.

Celebrities Who Love Hunter Boots

Here's a list of some celebs you'll know that love their Hunter boots:

Jenifer Aniston, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Will Young, Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, James Blunt, The Kings Of Leon, Kate Moss & not forgetting of course when the Hunter brand was feautured in "Sex And The City." 

Jen Loves Her Hunter Wellies!
Jen Loves Her Hunter Wellies! | Source

Video For Cheap Hunter Wellies

Hunter Boot Accessories

Great news! Hunter Boots now carry a full range of accessories to compliment their range. Including Zebra, Leopard, Grizzly, Furry Feathers or Tiger Welly socks. These fleece socks will transform your Hunter Wellingtons into boots with a trendy edge! The leg is made of a lovely warm fleece that will keep your feet nice and cosy and a cuff that displays the Hunter brand label.

Welly socks not enough for you? How about pimping your boots up with a cool Welly Pouch. This is such a genius accessory for the original boots, great for summer festivals, walking your dogs, or just a quick trip to the shops. Have easy & quick access to your keys/wallets & money etc.The Welly Pouch was first launched in 2009 and they are so popular Hunter have brought out a whole range.

Hunter Ladybird Well Pouch - How Cool?
Hunter Ladybird Well Pouch - How Cool? | Source

Whatever your style, whatever time of the year why not make Hunter boots an addition to your already trendy wardrobe? Yes, you too can have that Kate Moss fashionista look!

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    • Tracy Lynn Conway profile image

      Tracy Lynn Conway 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Great hub and well written. I do love these boots just like your girlfriend! On my first trip to the UK, years ago, I first heard the term "Wellies" used and even got to borrow a pair for a nature hike. These boots make mud fun and fashionable. I own a bright red pair now but would love to have a few more.