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Cheap Large Ear Gauges and Ear Plugs

Updated on April 29, 2017
As part of an "alternative" lifestyle, as many other cultural groups, ear stretching is a common way that wearers modify their body. The above features gauges are in no way representative of the largest gauges available.
As part of an "alternative" lifestyle, as many other cultural groups, ear stretching is a common way that wearers modify their body. The above features gauges are in no way representative of the largest gauges available. | Source

Finding Cheap Large Size Gauges can be hard

After spending the time to stretch their ears to a large size, many wearers experience difficulty when trying to locate large diameter gauges at an affordable, cheap price. The larger the gauge, the more common it is to see a price leap. Although they do require more material to make, it is possible to find larger sized gauges for cheap prices.

Although I have written many articles on gauges and gauge related topics, I began to write this one because it seems that every time I search for at least an inch size gauge, all i get are regular 14 gauges, or whats worse and rather insulting, cheater plugs!

If you are not familiar with what I am calling cheater plugs, let me explain: Cheater plugs are fake gauges, much like clip on earrings, designed to imitate the look of real, time-earned gauges.

I've eliminated the hassle of the search through cheater plug and unrelated plugs, and have compiled a list of my favorite larger sized earrings that are very. very cheap. This way, you can have many options, and have a good base collection of plugs.

If you have questions about stretching your ears to large diameters, please see the links section. There are many helpful listings to give you tips on how to stretch or gauge your ears, safely and naturally. You have plenty of time, so stretch your ears slowly rather than quickly. I have heard that some people experience splitting of the lobes. You have to be patient and work with your body.

Ear Gauge Considerations

Remember to cross check the companies gauging measurements. Some sites offer handmade jewelry, which is hard to keep exact measurements. Keep your eyes open for approximations and details about the size of the gauges, and how close they match up to standard measuring practices. Just because they are hand made does not mean that you should pass them up. If they vary a little from the standard gauge measuring system, it does not mean that you should not buy them. All it means is that you should stay well informed, and do your research before buying. Think outside the box! Don't let variation scare you. Sometimes its worth it to have a once in a lifetime set of gauges, or a pair of gauges that was not produced on an assembly line.

  • Consider the material of the gauge. From plastic to jade, the options are vast and practically limitless. If you find that you do not like the way one material feels, try another. I do not like to take my gauges out to sleep, so I find that flexible plastic gauges are helpful and very comfortable. When I go out on the town, I like to dress up and wear my more expensive or exotic gauges. It is all about flexibility.

For users who prefer a more exotic look, these are the most sought after styled gauges.
For users who prefer a more exotic look, these are the most sought after styled gauges. | Source

Organic, Exotic Eargauges, Earlets and Tapers

Gauges can be exquisitely hand carved works of art. Available in beautiful, exotic materials, we will take a short side track from the dirt, dirt cheap gauges to explore the more artistic, high quality gauges.

For their price, these beautiful pieces of art are a great value. Once you have built up your collection of insanely cheap gauges, these exotic gauges are another important outlet for showcasing your stretched ears.

There is a perfect pair of gauges for every wearer. There is a perfect pair for any religious, cultural, or lifestyle belief as well.

Vegans may prefer organic materials like stone, or wood, and may object to hand carved bone or ivory.

Trade conscious wearers may prefer to support individual artisans, some located in third world countries. Many of these artists have access to natural materials like buffalo bone or certain seashells, as well as exotic wood and coconut shell. These artisans support themselves by carving and crafting gauges. Wearers can help support these artists, and at the same time gain once in a lifetime, wearable art pieces.

These materials make it possible for people with stretched ears to showcase their stretching in supremely crafted, exotic gauges. In order to fully appreciate the beauty available out there, it is necessary to mentioned these highly stylized pieces.

The Process Of Gauging Your Ears

Although somewhat painful, many people find that gauging their ears is very rewarding. Some people set a goal and try to achieve it, while others simply go with the flow and take their time making their ears larger.

Gradual stretching of the ear lobes has been practiced for centuries around the world, and has been practiced by many different cultures. While it is a trend today, it is not a creation of the modern world. Many tribes, and early or primitive peoples practiced ear gauging, to mark the passing into adulthood, or for many other themes in life.

Today, the young and the old still enjoy gauging their ears, and the many forms of jewelry available for them to enjoy.

From handcrafted, artisan jewelry to the mass produced, there is a pair of gauges to fit any need or preference. There is also a pair of gauges to fit any individual style, to create the message that the wearer wants to create. Daring, sexy, dramatic, and graceful; all of these themes can be expressed through the unique jewelry made for gauged ears.

Many people do not understand why someone would want to alter their body in this manner, or endure the task of stretching their ears. These people can not conceive why the pain would be worth it, and find the look distasteful. For as many people as there are who do not enjoy ear gauging, there are just as many people who love it, and may consider it an art form, or sacred process.

In some ways, it is similar to tattooing. For example, one must endure a little pain to reap the benefits of the finished product. Many tattoo lovers also sport ear gauges, and in many areas of the united states and all over the world, the art form of tattooing and the process of ear gauging go hand in hand. People who enjoy one many enjoy the other, and in recent years it has become a trend for alternative cultures. Some of these "alternative" cultures and lifestyles may include emo, gothic, or punk rock cultures, to title them loosely. Many bands, performers, and artists sport the look, and their fans in turn sport the look to make themselves happy, as well as to emulate their favorite performer.

Finding larger sized ear gauges can be a hassle, but with guides like this one, the process can be made easier.

Helpful Tips on gauging your ears

  1. Go slowly when stretching your ears. You have plenty of time.
  2. You can always gauge up later. However, you can never gauge back down. Think about the process, and what your goal is. What is the ideal size you are going for? Are you prepared to undertake the process?
  3. Invest in a taper ear stretching kit. (shown below) This will take a lot of the stress out of the process, and provide you with a road map for your stretching. Each taper is incrementally larger than the other, so the expansion happens gradually and easily.
  4. Invest in ear plugs and ear gauges made from different materials. You need to learn how each material feels, and how your body responds to it.
  5. Clean your stretched ears everyday.

Gauge Types

What type of gauges do you prefer?

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Tips for purchasing gauges

  • Consider the source of where you are buying the product from, as well as the source of where the product was made. For politically aware consumers, some people may not wish to support workers in other countries to receive little pay. Other consumers will not want to support companies that produce jewelry out of bone or other animal products. It is worth investigating if you hold these standards.
  • Along with considering the source, consider the source's customer service reviews. Take a little time to do a little research about how the company operates. Many times, other customers have written a review in their own words about the experience they had when purchasing with a certain company. Most of the above listed gauges are available through, and I enjoy them because they have a great customer review system. Customers write their reviews, and are able to post them without the seller editing them. This is essential for honest, real life accounts of the good and the bad experiences that they have when buying goods.
  • Think about shipping costs. Most sellers offer low priced shipping, but others will charge a ridiculous amount, especially considering how small and how little ear gauges weight. The selections on this list are fair, but that does not mean that there are not plenty of over priced places on the internet that are out to get as much money as possible from consumers.

Pairing the reader with information

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      nipplemaster 6 years ago

      large guage? really? try finding plugs at 3 inches

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      Dusty 6 years ago

      Large guage? 12mm is tiny, try doing a guide for sizes up to 2 inches