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Cheap and Easy Cosplay Ideas

Updated on October 1, 2017

Besides Cosplay, You Also Need These 5 Things

A Cheap Guide to DIY Cosplay

As Anime fans we know that Cosplay is a big part of going to conventions and hanging out with your other anime friends. However Cosplay can be expensive, there are sites that will sell you ready made costumes for a pretty penny. A lot of people don't know or realize that you can create your own Cosplay by yourself without spending a ton of money.

Halloween is a good time to take advantage of the resources available in the ways of cosplay. Need a cape? Visit your local Halloween store i bet they'll have one. You can buy cat and bunny ears to accessorise your favorite cat or bunny girl cosplay. This is also one of the best resources for wigs, they have wigs of all shapes, sizes, and colors that will be just perfect for your cosplay no matter what it is.Keep an eye out for those after Halloween sales!


Goodwill is also a good place to check if your a budget cosplayer. People donate tons of things to goodwill stores and you can take advantage of that, need something to make a sword for your cosplay i bet you could find something at your local goodwill, this is also a good place to search for wigs, coats, shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants that with a little sewing and manipulating could become perfect additions to your cosplay closet. Also what didn't sell at those after Halloween sales could end up at your local goodwill so keep an eye out!

Yard sales, yard sales, yard sales! People put all kinds of things up for sale in yard sales that you could use to create the perfect cosplay for your next convention! You can find just about anything you can think of at a yard sale, the possibilities are endless because theres no end of to the things people may need to get rid of to make room for other things they want.

Ebay is also a good source of used items you could get for your cosplay, it is also a good place to buy cheap cosplay items that are already done, need a blue wig with the spiked hair that's just right? Someone probably has one for sale on ebay for a reasonable price.

Craigslist is a good resource, you can not only browse through what people have to offer but you can also post your own listing wanting items that you can use for your cosplay.

Sewing your own cosplay is also a possibility, you can buy cheap fabric from your local fabric store, goodwill, or even at yard sales and create the perfect outfit or even use the fabric to embellish the items you've already bought at the places I've listed above to help make your outfit match your favorite anime character's

I hope this guide has helped you budget cosplayers get some ideas as to where you can get resources to create your outfits for your next conventions or even for just an anime night with your local friends!


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