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Check List Before Getting a Tattoo

Updated on July 19, 2010

Ok as you are on this page, I can surely guess you want to get a tattoo or at least you are thinking about getting one. But before you do that there are few things you need to consider, so here is the list...

  • Do your parents know about the tattoo, how do they feel about the idea of the tattoo, its really cool if they are ok with it, but if they are not try to get them on board, talk to them it can really help some times.
  • The second thing is that are you legally old enough to get a tattoo. You can’t get a tattoo if it’s not legal for someone your age. Try to get the information about the body modification laws where you live and if you are not of age, you will just have to wait. Nothing to worry about because once you get it you will still have lots of time to showing off your tattoo.
  • And then again a tattoo is cool but there are some risks that come along with it. Be very careful where you get tattooed. Choose a good professional tattoo parlor don’t just get tattooed in a shack. Make sure all the instruments and needles are sanitized. If an unstatilised needle is used on you then you run the risk of getting HIV, and always test for allergic reactions because some people are allergic to the ink. So choose the place you get tattooed very carefully and be picky about it.

  • Now comes the part when you have to choose a tattoo. Don’t get a generic tattoo off the shelve, it’s not worth it. Choose some thing you really like or something that reflects your personality. Tell the tattoo artist your idea about the tattoo and what you would like to have and make them create a custom tattoo for you, so that it would be unique to you.
  • Finally pick a good tattoo artist; it’s the artist that makes all the difference. A bad artist is sure to do a lousy job and you are gonna be stuck with it all your life. So to avoid that get in touch your tattoo artist talk to him preview some of his work and only when you are satisfied about that artists skills get the tattoo done. Be very choosy about this because it’s going to be with you for your life and even some time after that.


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